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MLW Anthology: Low Ki Preview

This week MLW Anthology chronicles the Lone Wolf of Brooklyn, Low Ki. A fighter’s fighter, Low Ki is known as one of the most devastating strikers in the sport’s history.  His superior striking, unmatched intensity and discipline can only be matched by his impressive resume, which will be on display in this edition of Anthology. Dating back to his 2004 debut against his trainer, Homicide, MLW Anthology navigates Low Ki’s rise from the protege of Homicide and the nefarious Gary Hart to his return to the league and ascension to being the World Heavyweight Champion. Witness not only the debut of Low Ki in MLW, but his first ever shot at the MLW World Heavyweight title against Shane Strickland. Experience “The Professional” and his ascension in Major League Wrestling. Matches:

  • Student vs Teacher: Low Ki vs. Homicide

  • World Heavyweight Title Fight: Low Ki vs. Shane Strickland (c)


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