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MLW Anthology Preview: Satoshi Kojima

This week MLW Anthology chronicles the first World Heavyweight Champion of Major League Wrestling, Satoshi Kojima.

Journeying for the first time from his native soil of Japan on a mission to define his place in the sport, Kojima entered MLW in 2002 and was welcomed with open arms by MLW fans, the sporting press and world of wrestling unlike few from Japan before him.

The wrestler who defined what it meant to be Major League is the focus of this edition of Anthology as we look at Kojima’s MLW debut and some of his major defenses of the league’s crown in Japan.

Witness Kojima’s world showcase as he establishes MLW’s heavyweight title as a certified world championship with title defenses on multiple continents in several organizations.

Whether it be against MLW’s top ranked technician Jerry Lynn, Mexico’s Vampiro, or All Japan Pro-Wrestling top ranked grappler Johnny Smith, this edition of Anthology celebrates Kojimania in Major League Wrestling.


•World Heavyweight Title Fight: Satoshi Kojima vs. Jerry Lynn

•World Heavyweight Title Fight: Satoshi Kojima (c) vs. Johnny Smith


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