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MLW - Battle Riot Results 7/27/2018

Updated: Jul 31, 2018

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It's time for another action-packed episode of MLW: Fusion. You can check out MLW: Fusion on BEin Sports Fridays at 8pm.

- On last week's episode: MLW was building to Battle Riot. Su Yung and Zeda Zhang are still extremely destructive, Jimmy Havoc bled like a stuck pig, and Low Ki became the new MLW World Heavyweight Champion in the main event as he defeated Shane "Swerve" Strickland.

- On this week's episode: the 40-man Battle Riot will take place. There are no DQs in this over-the-top-rope battle royal where pins and submissions are also in play so anything goes. The MLW Middleweight Champions will also be crowned as Joey Ryan faces MJF.

Myron Reed vs Koto Brazil

After some back-and-forth action, they were evenly matched and kipped up at the same time. Koto hit a dropkick but Myron stayed on his feet. Reed hit a springboard seated dive and got a two count.

Koto hit a lariat in the corner and then hit a dropkick for a one-count. Then Brazil locked on a submission hold for a bit until Myron got to the ropes. After another back-and-forth sequence, they both hit cross body blocks to send each other down.

Koto hit a springboard dropkick to send Myron out of the ring and Brazil hit a suicide dive followed by a second one. Then Reed had a chance to hit a dive of his own with a flying hip attack. Myron hit a springboard shoulder block when they moved back in the ring for a two count. Brazil hit a pinning German suplex for a two count and moved to the top turn turnbuckle. Koto jumped down and Myron tried to block it with his legs but Koto turned it into a submission hold.

Koto tried a suplex but Myron blocked it, soon Reed hit a cutter out of nowhere for a two 1/2 count and the crowd popped big at the kick out. Reed went for a 450 but Koto got his knees up to block it. Reed hit an inside-out cutter and Koto returned with a flipping neckbreaker for the win.

Winner: Koto Brazil

Joey Ryan vs MJP - MLW World Middleweight Title Match

Joey did all of his baby oil and lollipop bit including putting his sucker in some fan's mouth. Ryan hit a dropkick in the early goings that sent MJF out of the ring so he could collect himself. Then MJF returned and took control of the match for a bit with a headlock and a shoulder block.

Ryan moved out of the way to avoid a clothesline in the corner and he hit one of himself. MJF hit a double stomp off the top on Ryan's back for a two count and then they traded some strikes in the middle of the ring. MJF hit a thumb to the eye and Ryan took a bump off a shoulder block as MJF lost his balance and fell into Ryan's crotch.

MJF hit Ryan's crotch again with an inverted atomic drop but sold his knee was in pain. Joey pulled a lollipop out of his trunks and put it in MJF's mouth.

Then MJF hit a shoulder breaker for the win with the lollipop still in his mouth. Maxwell J Friedman is now the MLW World Middleweight Champion.

Winner: MJF

- After the match was over, MJF said, "I told you losers I wouldn't touch it!" He says he feels way better than the scumbags in the crowd right now and continued to cut a heel promo about how great he is.

40-Man Battle Riot

The winner of this match will get a shot at the MLW World Heavyweight Championship at any time of his choosing. Pentagon Jr was the first to come out followed by Fenix. These two are amazing against each other and are also currently the MLW Tag Team Champions.

Penta and Fenix reversed each other and then reversed their reversals for a bit until they traded straight kicks to the head and then they each took each other out with a club to the head. Then Brody King entered next

The Lucha Brothers teamed up against King including a spot where Fenix launched Penta into the corner onto Brody King. Kenny Doane of the Spirit Squad entered next. He took too much time raising the crowd's spirits and took a double kick to the head from Penta and Fenix. Then King and Kenny each took a luchador and tried to eliminate them.

Tom Lawlor came in next and started fighting with Brody King. Tom got a rear naked choke and the referee eliminated Brody. Lance Anoa'i entered next and the fourth generation pro wrestler started fighting with Fenix while Penta dealt with Lawlor in the corner. Rey Horus came in next and he invited Penta to fight with him first and then Horus took down Kenny and hit a leg drop and sent Kenny to the apron but nobody was eliminated.

Kevin Sullivan came in next and brought out a golden railroad spike and hit a few people with it until Filthy Tom choked him out quickly. Fallah Bah entered the match next and started working with Horus who he hit with a shoulder block and a cross body block. Swoggle entered next and bit Fallah in the backside right from the start. He hit Kenny with a German suplex and then he hit Trevor King with one too before turning Horus inside out with another one. Kenny kicked Swoggle in the head as Headshrinker Samu entered the ring. He was quickly eliminated by his own son Lance.

ACH entered next with a smile on his face and started fighting with Swoggle. Konnan entering at #13 was a nice touch and the crowd loved seeing him. He toyed with Horus before he turned his focus on Lawlor who he hit with an STO. Barrington Hughes entered next and had a target set on Fallah Bah. The two big men traded belly bumps until Swoggle tried to get in between them and then Lawlor picked Swoggle up and choked him out to eliminate Swoggle.

Jimmy Yuta entered next and hit a Samoan drop on Lance as Barrington hit a splash on Kenny and the referee counted a double pinfall on Lance and Kenny to eliminate them. Then Bah and Penta were both eliminated by Barrington. Koto Brazil entered next to pull double-duty for the show.

Barrington Hughes splashed Horus in the corner as Richard Holliday entered the match. Hughes chopped Holliday down as Lawlow was dumped to the apron but not eliminated as Fred Yehi entered the match. He came in fast when he and Lawlor took out Koto. Jason Cade entered the match next even though he just had "Jason" on the nameplate.

Everyone started ganging up on Barrington Hughes but he just shrugged everyone off before they all tried to dump Hughes over the top rope and when he was eliminated, everyone else spilled over after him leaving on Lawlor in the match before Teddy Hart came in. Hart climbed right to the top rope and eliminated himself on purpose with a splash on everyone outside the ring. Lawlor was the only person in the ring once again. Then Vandal Ortagun entered to square off with Filthy Tom. Lawlor got him right into an armbar and he tapped out.

Mikey Mondo from the Spirit Squad entered next and Lawlor locked him in a chokehold right away until he was out cold but Mikey kept blowing on his whistle the entire time.

PCO entered next and got right in Lawlor's face. PCO transitioned out of a crossface from Lawlor, but Tom mounted him to land some punches before LA Smooth entered the match.

Smooth hit a hip attack on PCO in the corner before PCO countered out of a Samoan drop and took LA Smooth out with a stiff clothesline for the three count. Simon Gotch entered the match next and started fighting with PCO as well. Homicide entered next after PCO took a double body drop from Goth and Lawlor. PCO started chopping Homicide in the corner until Homicide turned things around on him and got some chops in of his own. Davey Boy Smith Jr entered next and Lawlor zeroed in on him.

The Blue Meanie got a huge reaction from the crowd when he came out. "BWO" chants were loud as Tony Schiavone was excited about calling a match with the Blue Meanie in it. Homicide tossed him out of the match almost immediately. PCO was eliminated next and he wasn't happy about it. 1/2 of the Dirty Blondes, Michael Patrick entered next to join the fray. Sami Callihan entered next and eliminated Homicide from the get-go. Patrick and Sami tried to put Gotch over the top rope, but Simon fought back. Sawyer Fulton came in next as Matt Striker said you'll never see a match lke this anywhere else.

Shane Strickland entered next and went right for Sami Callihan and then Leon Scott entered next. Smith Jr was eliminated right before Drago entered. Leo Bryan entered next so both Dirty Blondes were in the match. They teamed up against Simon Gotch, but Gotch was able to stay in. Joey Ryan came out next and started fighting with Callihan. The ring was getting very full when MJF joined they fray next.

Ryan and MJF found each other quickly and they were both taken out of the match by different people. Jake Hager came out next followed by John Hennigan who entered the match right away with a dive on Callihan. Bryan was eliminated just before Jimmy Havoc entered. This match was chaos. Drago was eliminated by Havoc fairly quickly as Hager then tried to eliminate Havoc and Strickland hit a top rope double stomp on the remaining Dirty Blonde before Leo was eliminated as well.

One of the Death Machines lifted up Hennigan as Callihan slapped him and said he was getting eliminated and then Johnny rolled up the Death Machine member for the pinfall. There were several two counts before Strickland eliminated Jimmy Havoc. Callihan tried to throw Shane over the top rope, but he held on and drug Sami to the apron too. Callihan hit a piledriver on the apron to eliminate Shane and then Lawlor locked a rear naked choke on Sami until he was out.

Suddenly, Jake Hager and Tom Lawlor were the final two wrestlers left in the match. Hager stomped Tom down for a bit and slammed him down for a two count. Hager tried to eliminate Lawlor and then Tom turned it around on him, but Jake held on. Tom hit a German suplex and then they traded strikes in the middle of the ring. Tom sent Hager to his knees and kicked him a few times in the chest until he finished off with one last big one for a two 1/2 count.

Tom caught a rear naked choke and Hager tried to shake him off, but Filthy kept a tight grip. Jake was brought to his knees until he reversed out into an ankle lock. He kept the hold on as Tom climbed up the turnbuckle with his arms but there was no rope break in a Battle Riot and Jake kept his grip tight. Tom ended up climbing up the ropes one last time while Jake kept hold of his ankle. He shook Jake over the top rope and won the Battle Riot match.

Winner: "Filthy" Tom Lawlor

Order Of Entry:

  1. Pentagon Jr

  2. Fenix

  3. Brody King

  4. Kenny Doane

  5. Tom Lawlor

  6. Lance Anoa'i

  7. Rey Horus

  8. Kevin Sullivan

  9. Fallah Bah

  10. Swoggle

  11. Headshrinker Samu

  12. ACH

  13. Konnan

  14. Barrington Hughes

  15. Jimmy Yuta

  16. Kota Brazil

  17. Richard Holliday

  18. Fred Yehi

  19. Jason Cade

  20. Teddy Hart

  21. Vandal Ortagun

  22. Mikey Mondo

  23. PCO

  24. LA Smooth

  25. Simon Gotch

  26. Homicide

  27. Davey Boy Smith, Jr

  28. Blue Meanie

  29. Michael Patrick

  30. Sami Callihan

  31. Sawyer Fulton

  32. Shane Strickland

  33. Leon Scott

  34. Drago

  35. Leo Bryan

  36. Joey Ryan

  37. MJF

  38. Jake Hager

  39. John Hennigan

  40. Jimmy Havoc

Overall a stacked card and great story telling and from the sounds of it we get to see the new direction that's going with MLW. Let us know if you watched the show and what you thought about it by leaving a response in the comment section down below.


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