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MLW Fusion: ALPHA Results (12/1/21): 2021 Opera Cup Finals

Major League Wrestling delivered an eventful episode of MLW Fusion: ALPHA on December 1st 2021. In the main event, Davey Richards faced TJP in the finals of the 2021 Opera Cup.

The show opened with a video package for the Opera Cup.

KC Navarro vs. Warhorse

Early on, Navarro dives onto Warhorse outside the ring, and another dive off the top rope gives him more momentum. Warhorse bangs his own head on the turnbuckle and headbutts KC. The metalhead catches Navarro and slams him. Warhorse firmly takes control, but KC rallies and drops Warhorse with a tornado DDT. With a clothesline and a running knee in the corner, Warhorse regains the advantage. Navarro gets a two count with a sunset bomb and earns the win with a running Sliced Bread.

Winner: KC Navarro

In an interview, Myron Reed brushes off the claim that he sent Calvin Tankman after Alex Kane last week; he says Kane’s loss is his own gain.

The commentary team, along with a video package, recaps the feud between Los Parks and 5150. They’ll meet in a street fight for the MLW World Tag Team Championship next week.

Backstage, Cesar Duran walks down some stairs counting lots of money.

A video package hypes up MLW Blood & Thunder on January 21.

Top Dogs (Davienne and Skylar) vs. Sea Stars (Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo)

Willow Nightingale joins the commentary team for this bout. Top Dogs attack their opponents before the match officially starts, but Sea Stars fire right back with simultaneous dives to the outside. Davienne and Skylar take control by isolating Exo for a few minutes. A dropkick sends Exo crashing abdomen-first into the ring post. Vox tags in and rallies; she takes Skylar down with a clothesline.

Top Dogs get a two count with a double team move on Vox, but Sea Stars take the win with the Tidal Wave on Skylar.

Winners: Sea Stars

Holidead and Willow brawl around ringside after the match. They fight all the way to the back.

Backstage, Duran is seen with one of CONTRA’s henchmen, leading Rich Bocchini to wonder, “What the hell is going on around here?”

In an interview, MLW National Openweight Champion Alex Kane says he’s establishing his own fight club. He vows that they’ll finish every opponent quickly and efficiently. He also says he’s opening a gym in Atlanta.

The broadcast team announces that MLW World Heavyweight Champion Alex Hammerstone will be in action next week against a mystery opponent.

In a promo, 5150 hypes up its title bout with Los Parks.

A brief vignette announces that nZo (Enzo Amore) will debut next week. Later, the broadcast team confirms that he’ll face Matt Cross.

Backstage, Cesar Duran uses a key to enter the room where he’s keeping his brother. roo

Opera Cup Finals: Davey Richards vs. TJP

In a pre-match promo, TJP makes it clear that he never loses two matches in a row, so while Richards beat him in their first encounter, that outcome won’t be the case this time. Meanwhile, Richards emphasizes that he likes violence. “Steel sharpens steel, so we’re gonna find out who has the sharper blade,” Richards says.

TJP and Richards feel each other out with some holds early on. The match is a stalemate in the opening minutes. TJP wrenches Richards’ leg, but a rope-break saves the fan-favorite veteran. The two men wage war for several minutes, and TJP continues to aggressively target Richards’ wounded leg. They’e throwing everything they have at each other, and a nasty clothesline from “The American Wolf” leaves both men down. They get back to their feet and trade blows. Richards blasts TJP with a dragon screw.

The American Wolf locks in the Trailer Hitch and wrenches the leg, but TJP later takes control again. Richards howls like a wolf and hits a diving double stomp. Another diving stomp earns Richards a two count. A Brainbuster still can’t put TJP away. In the end, Richards makes TJP tap out to the ankle lock.

Winner: Davey Richards

Cesar Duran comes to the ring to give Richards the trophy. The victor celebrates this remarkable triumph and grabs a microphone. Richards says he sees the fans as the only family he’s ever known. He notes that the fans have always been there for him. He dedicates the win to Philadelphia for being there for him and promises to give the fans their money’s worth.


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