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MLW Fusion Results (06/01/2023)

This week’s episode of MLW Fusion kicked off with The Second Gear Crew waking up at a hotel in Mexico after a night on the town. They find Microman sitting in the corner with a bra on his head. Mance Warner says they all need to hurry up and get to the border.

La Rebellion defeated Black Taurus and Abismo Negro Jr.

La Rebellion hit the Mark of the Beast on Abismo Negro Jr. as Bestia 666 scores the pinfall for his team.

John Hennigan and Taya Valkyrie confront Willie Mack at the merchandise table, insisting he knows something about the absence of Cesar Duran. Mack says he’ll tell them what he knows if Hennigan gives him a title shot. Valkyrie says no, but Hennigan agrees. Mack says he’ll tell him what knows about Duran’s whereabouts after the match is done.

We hear from Jacob Fatu, who says he’s coming for The Calling, and they woke up something within him. He says his sights are still on John Hennigan and the National Openweight Championship, but once he wins that he’s coming for The Calling.

It’s announced that The Calling will face The Samoan SWAT Team for the MLW World Tag Team Titles in a “fans bring the weapons” match at the Never Say Never premium live event on July 8.

They follow that up with an announcement that Timothy Thatcher is returning to Major League Wrestling and will do so at Never Say Never.

Alex Kane and Mr. Thomas are briefly interviewed backstage, Kane says it will be revealed who’s bankrolling the Bomaye Fight Club on July 8 at Never Say Never.

Delmi Exo is interviewed backstage, and she says her match against Taya Valkyrie which was supposed to take place tonight was postponed because Valkyrie is running from her and made calls to corrupt people in Mexico to get the match canceled. Exo is informed that Bauer has rescheduled the title match in two weeks on Fusion.

El Hijo Del Vikingo, Rey Horus, and Psycho Clown defeated John Hennigan, Sam Adonis, and El Gringo Loco

Following a missed Swanton Bomb by Sam Adonis, Psycho Clown hits Adonis with a Code Red to score the pinfall victory for his team.

Psycho Clown, Rey Horus, and El Hijo Del Vikingo celebrate in the ring as MLW Fusion goes off the air.


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