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MLW Fusion Results (06/22/2023)

This week’s episode of MLW Fusion kicked off with a video package recapping Jacob Fatu’s rivalry with The Calling. Fatu returns to action tonight to challenge John Hennigan for the MLW National Openweight Championship.

The Samoan SWAT Team defeated The Mane Event and The FBI to retain the MLW World Tag Team Titles

Lance Anoa’i hit the Polynesian Plunge on Jay Lyon to score the pinfall victory for his team.

A video package plays for The Calling.

We see MSL backstage yelling at an MLW employee because Microman’s royalties have been going directly to Microman instead of him. Davey Boy Smith Jr. walks by, and MSL chases him down to talk about something.

Highlights are shown of Delmi Exo defeating Taya Valkyrie last week for the MLW World Women’s Featherweight Championship. They played a clip of Valkyrie being upset backstage last week following the match and screaming at the cameraman for invading her personal space after losing the title to a “nobody.”

We hear from Mance Warner after being viciously attacked last week by Sam Adonis and John Hennigan. Warner said they tried to end his career. He challenges Adonis to a leather strap match and says he will take him to death’s door. Warner said Adonis started this, and he’s going to end it.

Microman (w/ MSL) defeated Beastman (w/ Kimchee)

While the referee’s back was turned, Microman attacked Beastman with a stick, hitting him low and in the knee. Microman followed it up with a twirl-a-whirl DDT to secure the pinfall victory.

It’s announced that The Opera Cup will return to MLW Fusion this July. The first announced participant is 2019 Opera Cup winner Davey Boy Smith Jr. It’s also announced that Alex Kane is banned from competing in the tournament due to what he did with the trophy earlier this year.

It’s announced MLW World Women’s Featherweight Delmi Exo will face WXW Women’s Champion Ava Everett in a title-for-title match at MLW Never Say Never on July 8.

We hear from Alex Kane backstage, who’s upset that he’s been banned from this year’s Opera Cup. He calls it a conspiracy by the company. Kane said since the company is trying to take things away from the people, The Bomaye Fight Club is going to give back with the Big Apple Grapple.

It’s announced that the Big Apple Grapple will take place next week.

Sam Adonis joins the commentary team for the main event between John Hennigan and Jacob Fatu.

Jacob Fatu defeated John Hennigan (w/ Taya Valkyrie) to become the new MLW National Openweight Champion

Jacob Fatu hits the double spring moonsault on John Hennigan to win the championship via pinfall.

Jacob Fatu gets a microphone and says it’s good to be back home in New York City. Fatu said you know what bloodline he’s from and he wants to say thank you. He celebrates with the National Openweight Championship as MLW Fusion goes off the air.


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