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MLW Fusion Results (07/27/2023)

This week’s episode of MLW Fusion kicked off with highlights of last week’s match between Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Calvin Tankman in a match from the Opera Cup Tournament. We’ll see another match in the Opera Cup Tournament later on tonight.

Rickey Shane Page defeated Matthew Justice

Rickey Shane Page hit the Raven Effect DDT on Matthew Justice to score the pinfall victory.

We see Demli Exo walking backstage, giving other MLW employees fist bumps until she’s confronted by B3CCA, who says it’s disgusting that all of these people backstage are applauding mediocrity. Before things can really go anywhere, they are interrupted by “Doug,” who professes his love for B3CCA. The self-proclaimed pop star berates him as Exo quietly excuses herself from the situation.

A video package goes over the storied history of The Opera Cup that was brought to Major League Wrestling by Davey Boy Smith Jr. following the passing of the last Opera Cup holder, Stu Hart.

Tracy Williams is interviewed backstage regarding his Opera Cup match against Tony Deppen later in the evening. Tracy Williams says he’s in a good place and noted this is his first singles match in Major League Wrestling. He said Tony Deppen is the perfect opponent for him in the Opera Cup.

Williams says Deppen has been telling the story for years about how badly Williams had beaten him the last time they wrestled each other. Williams says he feels bad for Deppen because it’s his first match in Major League Wrestling, and it’s not going to go his way. Williams says he’s going to the finals and will take the Opera Cup home.

We see highlights from last week’s show when Mircoman and The Second Gear Crew attacked MSL backstage. They then go to MSL tonight, who is wrapped up in bandages like a mummy. MSL says he’s the most important man alive. He says he started college when he was 11 years ago, and he comes from greatness, and he is greatness.

MSL calls Mance Warner trailer trash and says laying his hands on him is something he’ll never live down. MSL says he has Matt Cardona and challenges The Second Gear Crew for Fury Road on September 3 to pick a person and face Cardona at the live event on FITE+.

Round five of the 2023 MLW Open Draft is Tiara James.

Jacob Fatu is interviewed in the parking lot and is told that Rickey Shane Page wants a shot at his MLW National Openweight Championship. Fatu says Page is knocking on the wrong door because he has to remember who started the body count at Major League Wrestling.

Mr. Thomas (w/ O’Shay Edwards) defeated J Boujii in a Bomaye Fight Club tryout match

Mr. Thomas hit a powerbomb on J Boujii to score the pinfall victory.

Thomas gets on the microphone after the match and says he likes J Boujii’s fighting spirit, but he ain’t shit by himself. Thomas tells Boujii to get himself up because he rolls with Bomaye now.

We hear from Willie Mack, who will challenge Alex Kane for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship at Fury Road. Mack says Kane believes he doesn’t deserve a title shot. Mack says that’s funny coming from him and runs down all the backing Kane has with the Bomaye Fight Club. Mack says he hit the lottery with all of that.

Mack says he’s used to people doubting him because where he came from, everyone did it, but every doubt fueled his fire, and now everywhere he goes, people want to see him, and they know his name. Mack asks Kane to keep doubting him because that just makes his job easier.

Mance Warner is backstage and accepts MSL and Matt Cardona’s challenge at Fury Road on September 3.

Tracy Williams defeated Tony Deppen in an Opera Cup Tournament match

Tracy Williams hit the piledriver on Tony Deppen to advance to the finals of the Opera Cup Tournament.

Tracy Williams offers a handshake after the match, but Tony Deppen turns him down.

We hear from MLW World Champion Alex Kane, who says MLW loves to stack the deck against him, but why Willie Mack? He says Mack doesn’t take this seriously and thinks he’s worthy of challenging him for the championship. Kane says he wants a warm up match before Fury Road; he teases going to Mexico as MLW Fusion goes off the air.


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