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MLW Fusion Results (11/10/2022)

The season premiere of MLW Fusion kicked off with The Samoan Swat Team arriving at the building. The trio was stopped from being allowed to enter the venue by one of Cesar Duran’s hired goons. Microman shows up and punches the goon in the dick as the four men enter the arena.

Myron Reed defeated La Estrella, Lince Dorado, and Arez in a four-way match to retain the MLW World Middleweight Championship

Myron Reed hits Lince Dorado and La Estrella with a double springboard cutter and pins Estrella to retain his championship.

Reed cuts a promo after the match, declaring himself the greatest of all time and saying that he’s defeated everyone the company has placed in front of him.

They show a video of Cesar Duran on his cell phone earlier in the day talking to someone, but it isn’t revealed who he’s speaking with. After the phone call, he’s approached by Richard Holliday and Alicia Atout. Duran said they were interrupting him while he was trying to center himself. Holliday wants a thank you from Duran for saving him against Hammerstone last week.

Holliday wants to know how much of Alex Hammerstone’s blood he has to spill for him to realize that he deserves more opportunities in MLW. Duran decides to give Holliday his title shot against Hammerstone in two weeks’ time in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Duran warns him, however, if Holliday fails him again, it will be his last opportunity. Holliday and Atout leave, and one of Duran’s masked goons approaches. Duran hands him a chain and tells him to use it to end Microman once and for all.

KC Navarro defeated Mini Abismo Negro

KC Navarro scored the pinfall victory over Abismo Negro with a standing sliced bread #2.

There is a medical update on Alex Hammerstone from the injuries he suffered at MLW Battle Riot IV next week. They said his x-rays came back negative, but a CT scan revealed rib cartilage damage and is listed as “day to day.” They said he’ll be questionable for his title fight in two weeks’ time as he will have limited movement and power for the next two to three months.

Mance Warner is interviewed at the bar and makes it clear now that he’s back in Major League Wrestling; he’s going after Mads Krügger.

Real1 cuts a pre-recorded promo hyping his main event match against Jacob Fatu later on tonight and calls Fatu a dollar store Rikishi.

Savio Vega and Lince Dorado are walking backstage and come across Budd Heavy laid out in the janitor’s closet with a card lying on his stomach with symbols on it. Vega tells Dorado to get some help.

Jacob Fatu is seen backstage talking to Microman as they are eating what appears to be mini-donuts. As Fatu walks away, Duran’s masked goon shows up and attempts to sneak up on Microman to strangle him with the steel chain. Luckily for Microman, Fatu returns to get another donut and scares the goon off.

Scarlett Bordeaux defeated Clara Carreras

Bordeaux hits the Scarlett Letter on Carreras to earn the pinfall victory.

MLW World Women’s Featherweight Champion Taya Valkyrie is interviewed on the stage following the match. When asked her thoughts on Bordeaux joining the company, Valkyrie said an addition like Scarlett is exactly what they need to help grow the women’s division in MLW. Brittany Blake attacks Valkyrie from behind and chokes her with a collar. The attack is eventually separated by referees and security.

Alex Kane cuts a promo on Davey Richards, saying he used to look up to him, but he quit the business and quit on his dreams and himself. He challenges him to a submission match next week because Richards’ return to wrestling has been nothing but smoke and mirrors.

Jacob Fatu cuts a promo hyping up the main event that’s coming up next.

Jacob Fatu defeated Real1

Fatu wins via disqualification after Real1 kicks him in the nuts.

Fatu snaps after the match and dives on top of a group of referees and security as Real1 manages to get away as Fusion goes off the air.


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