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MLW: Fusion Results August 3, 2018

Photo Credit MLW

It's time for another action-packed episode of MLW: Fusion. Thank you for checking out the coverage on Wrestling Inc. You can check out MLW: Fusion on BEin Sports Fridays at 8pm.

- On last week's episode: The Battle Riot took over MLW as 40 men battled to get a shot at the MLW Heavyweight Championship. "Filthy" Tom Lawlor emerged victorious when all was said and done. There was plenty of action to go around though.

- On this week's episode: Sami Callihan and Shane "Swerve" Strickland do battle after Callihan admitted to attacking Strickland causing his hospitalization. Jimmy Havoc returns to MLW after his brutal fight against Tom Lawlor and Brian Pillman Jr. also makes his national television debut. Jake Hager will wrestle Simon Gotch as well in a match between two brutes.

Brody King vs Jimmy Havoc

Brody had a considerable size advantage, but Havoc is probably used to that. King sent himself to the floor after Havoc pulled the top rope down and then he hit a splash to the floor. Havoc went for another dive, but King caught him and after avoiding a reversal, King sent Havoc into the ring apron.

King choked Havoc against the guardrail and left Jimmy outside while attempted to score a count out win. Jimmy made it back in the ring for more abuse from King as he continued to choke and chop him for a two count. King hit a senton for another two count and then Havoc got up to take a black hole slam for one more two count.

King kicked Jimmy off the apron sending him plummeting to the floor. Havoc made it back in the ring and started slapping Brody all over. Then King returned fire with a brutal shot of his own for another two count.

Havoc hit a DDT and waited for King to get up where he hit a DVD for a two count. King hit a piledriver next for yet another two count. Brody hit a gut wrench powerbomb next for another two count followed by a Go Home Driver for a near fall. King placed Havoc on the turnbuckle and tried for a Razor's Edge, but Havoc reversed it into a headscissors takedown. Then Havoc reversed King one more time with a victory roll for a three young.

Winner: Jimmy Havoc

- A backstage interview with Brian Pillman Jr was next and suddenly Kevin Sullivan showed up to put Pillman over. Sullivan said he'll be there for Pillman if he needs him and said he'll be the best thing in wrestling today. Pillman said he appreciated the accolades, but he's got a lot to do.

- They played a segment where Sami Callihan was talking to Selina de la Renta backstage and Low Ki walked up and handed Callihan a wad of cash. "I don't like you, but I like money," Callihan said. Low Ki suggested they do business and Callihan suggests they keep the money coming. Then they shook hands and Sami took off with a pocket full of cash.

Simon Gotch vs Jake Hager

Hager started things off fast and used his size to his advantage by applying some clubbing clotheslines in the corner to Gotch. The bell hadn't sounded yet and once it did, Jake went back to Gotch. Simon was selling like he was hurt and Jake hit a splash while Gotch didn't move.

Hager stomped on Gotch and rubbed his boot on the Team Filthy member's face. Gotch returned fire with some European Uppercuts and hit a couple running elbows before landing a Saito suplex for a two count.

Hager tried to capture Gotch's ankle in a submission, but Simon fought back so Hager hit a gutwrench suplex for a two count. Hager slapped Gotch and then he spit in Jake's face. This really upset Hager so he kicked him down and got the pinfall.

Winner: Jake Hager

- MJF will defend the MLW Middleweight Title against Joey Janela next week.

- Konnan met with Fenix backstage when he told Fenix he needed to look out for his own money. He started to tell Fenix to let Pentagon know he needed to do the same. Then Penta came walking around the corner and Selina de la Renta didn't want Penta talking to Konnan. She told Fenix to stop talking to him too and made him leave.

- LA Park is coming to MLW

- Team TBD cut a backstage interview where they said they're fine. Then they started fighting, someone tried to break them up, but it just turned into a big brawl. This team is done.

Sami Callihan vs Shane Strickland

Swerve was incredibly over and after starting out by kicking Sami in the face, they moved outside where Shane hit a basement dropkick to Callihan sending him into the railing. They returned to the ring where Sami hid behind the referee before kicking Shane in the grapefruits and hitting a shoulder-breaker for a two count.

Callihan started focusing on Sweve's knee after that with a few well-placed kicks and a modified leg submission followed by a modified figure-4 leglock. Shane flipped the figure-4 over and Sami got into the ropes. The two battled on and Shane reversed out of Sami's offense with a palm strike/clothesline.

Strickland kicked Sami down, but Callihan moved out of the way causing Stickland to crash into the turnbuckle. Shane hit a rolling cutter but didn't cover before hitting a running forearm in the corner. Swerve hit a suplex for a two count.

Callihan and Swerve started trading kicks until they kicked each other in the face causing them both to fall. This got a well-deserved applause break from the crowd because it was very well done. Then they got back up to trade some more shots to the face. Sami jumped to the apron and Swerve kicked him in the face. Strickland climbed up top and Callihan knocked him down to the apron on the other side. They started fighting on opposite sides of the turnbuckle until Sami nailed a low blow and then Strickland hit an AA-looking move on the apron.

Swerve hit a double stomp off the top rope for a two count. Shane got up and took off his wrist tape before Callihan spit on him from his knees. Callihan caught Shane's leg and hit a powerbomb and a halfcrab before transitioning into a modified STF/chokehold. Callihan started to fishhook Shane so the referee made him break up the hold.

Shane moved to the apron and hit a springboard into a short arm scissors before the Death Machines came in to distract him. Sami rolled Shane up for a roll-up pin and got a two count and then they started trading near falls on roll-up and bridge pins. Callihan hit a stomp to Shane's back and spike piledriver for the win.

Winner: Sami Callihan

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