• Carlos Astorga

MLW: Fusion Results For 08/10/2018

Photo Credit MLW

It's time for another action-packed episode of MLW: Fusion. Thank you for checking out the coverage on Wrestling Inc. You can check out MLW: Fusion on BEin Sports Fridays at 8pm. Each new episode of MLW: Fusion is available worldwide 6:05 pm Saturday nights on their official YouTube channel

- On last week's episode: Jimmy Havoc defeated Brody King after taking a ton of damage in the process, Jake Hager defeated Simon Gotch after delivering a lot of punishment, and Shane "Swerve" Strickland was defeated by Sami Callihan in a brutal hard-fought battle.

Leon Scott vs Barrington Hughes

The two traded shots in the middle of the ring and Scott tried to take the bigger man off his feet, but he failed. Hughes slammed Scott down and landed an elbow. He pinned Scott, but Callihan and the other Death Machine jumped in the ring and assaulted him. Callihan hit Hughes with a baseball bat and then Koto Brazil ran down to make the save. He said he was tired of that and "Koto don't play that no more!" Brazil demanded to get a referee out there and he challenged Callihan to a match.

Koto hit a dive on The Death Machine and Callihan as chaos broke out. Koto jumped to the top rope as Callihan got in the ring and he went for a dropkick as Callihan countered into a powerbomb.

Sami Callihan vs Koto Brazil

The bell started so this match got underway. They were soon fighting outside as Callihan stayed in control. When the two moved inside the ring, Sami kept up the pressure using his brawling style to deliver kicks, punches, and other strikes before he latches on a headlock. Koto came back to life as the referee dropped his hand a third time and he started getting to his feet, but Sami hammered him back down.

Brazil hit a pinning sunset flip for a two count and delivered a stiff dropkick that sent Sami flying into the turnbuckle. As the fans chanted for Koto, he hit a running clothesline in the corner, but Sami returned with a punishing counter of his own. Callihan sat on the turnbuckle and waited for Brazil to get to his feet and as Koto got to his feet, Sami knocked him back down. Sami soon had Koto back in another headlock to wear him down.

Koto mounted a comeback with a satellite DDT and then he got some more shots in on Sami before leaping over Callihan and slamming Sami's face into the mat. Callihan returned fire with a stiff clothesline before leaving the ring. Callihan retrieved a chair from the crowd and placed it on top of the other chairs after he vacated a section of seating. Callihan got back in the ring and started to hit a Razor's edge on the chair to impale Koto, but Brazil got out of it and hit a flipping powerbomb for a two count.

Brazil tried to hit a rana from the top, but Sami countered with a powerbomb from the top and a shoulder breaker for the win.

Winner: Sami Callihan

- The New Hart Foundation were seen drinking a little bit and Teddy talked trash about the dirt sheets and websites. Then Davey Boy Jr. ran off the cameraman. Tony Schiavone said Brian Pillman Jr. looked out of place there.

- Konnan was backstage and Low Ki said it might be in his best interest to mind his own business. They got face-to-face and didn't seem too friendly.

Joey Janela vs MJF - MLW Middleweight Championship

This was a falls count anywhere match and it started backstage and they were fighting in a production room and then around a bar. Janella and MJF were striking and choking each other. Janela dove off a table onto MJF, but he caught him and sent the challenger into another table for a two count.

They fought through the crowd for a bit more. MJF got a little cocky and stood on a chair to taunt the crowd so Janela shoved him down into another row of chairs. They re-arranged the entire seating chart during the opening of this match.

Janela blocked MJF's attempt to send him into the barricade and he nailed a dropkick to his knee. MFJ sent Janela into the apron and the action finally moved to the ring. MJF hit a powerbomb and a backbreaker but Janela kept kicking out. Then the MLW Middleweight Champion applied a headlock to continue wearing Joey down. Joey took control and the action moved to the outside. Joey put a chair on MJF and hit a running foot stomp off the apron to the floor for a two count.

They moved up to the ramp as Janela led the way. MJF tried to beg off and then Joey said, "it's time to pass away," before MJF hit a low blow. Joey reversed a piledriver with a bodydrop and then Aria Blake clocked Joey with a bottle. MJF covered for the three count. After the pinfall, MJF made out with Blake a little bit to seal the point tha she had turned on her boyfriend.

Winner: MJF

- Sami Callihan was backstage and he convinced Jimmy Havoc to be on his team for War Games. Havoc wanted him to sell it to him, so Callihan offered to buy him some drinks and talk about it.

- Team Filthy was in the parking lot wondering what "that smell" was and then The Stud Stable showed up. Robert Parker challenged them to a dangerous match. Lawlor said they have bigger fish to fry, but they'll take a challenge. It looks like these two teams will battle in a dojo fight.

- The Lucha Brothers were backstage talking to Konnan about their contracts and they ripped them up. Now it looks like the MLW Tag Team Champions are no longer with Selina de la Renta.

John Hennigan vs Teddy Hart

Hart and Hennigan had some fast-paced back-and-forth action at first. Hennigan got Hart in an arm lock and Teddy used the ropes to flip out of it to impress the live crowd. Hart took control for a moment until Hennigan pushed him to the floor. Just as John looked like he was going to dive, Hart ducked behind some fans. As Hart was getting in, he took Hennigan out, but John returned with a superkick.

Teddy Hart rolled to the outside of the ring and Hennigan hit a moonsault to Hart from the apron. They returned to the ring where Hennigan got another two count off a slingshot elbow drop. Hennigan placed Hart on the top rope and hit a super crucifix drop followed by a flipping legdrop for another two count. Hart returned fire with a flipping powerbomb after reversing Henigan by standing on his back.

Hart moved to the top rope and then he hit a Canadian destroyer on Hennigan for yet another two count. Hennigan moved outside and Hart hit a springboard moonsault to the outside and into the crowd. Hart nailed a forearm shot on Hennigan that sent him toppling over another row of chairs before they got back in the ring.

Hart hit a hanging/slingshot piledriver but he couldn't get to the pin in time. Hennigan got his knees up on another springboard moonsault and then the two started trading shots from their knees. Hennigan nailed a running knee to the side of the head and placed Hart on the top rope. Hennigan hit a Spanish fly off the top rope for a two count and the crowd broke into a "Teddy" chant.

Hennigan set up Hart for Starship Pain, but Hart sprung up and got a near fall on a schoolboy. Hennigan landed another kick and then he hit Starship Pain. 1-2- kick out!

"Fight forever" chants broke out as Hennigan returned to the top rope. Hennigan missed his dive and Hart hit a European uppercut and a bearhug followed by a powerful slam. Hart didn't pin Hennigan. He hit a modified lung blower and two springboard moonsaults for a two count.

Hart backed Hennigan into the corner and shot Hennigan into the other side. John jumped over Hart and rolled him up with his legs hooked for the win.

Winner: John Hennigan

Tune in next week for some more MLW action!