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MLW Underground Results (02/28/2023)

MLW Underground Results – February 28, 2023

MLW Underground kicked off with highlights from last week’s show which sets up tonight’s main event between Davey Richards and John Hennigan. Things then shifted to The Bomaye Fight Club calling out The Bulldogs. Davey Boy Smith Jr. and The Billington Bulldogs meet them on the ramp, and the six men brawl. Davey Boy knocked out Alex Kane with a stiff right forearm as referees and security try to break everything up.

It’s announced that Alex Hammerstone will defend the MLW World Heavyweight Championship against Jacob Fatu on the March 21 episode of MLW Underground.

MLW World Middleweight Champion Lince Dorado and Microman defeated Delirious and Mini Abismo Negro

Microman hits a twirl-a-whirl rollup on Mini Abismo Negro to secure the pinfall victory.

As Microman, Lince Dorado, and MSL celebrate in the ring, the lights go out. The mysterious faction of three men in gas masks (with “AO” cards) that have been responsible for laying out multiple MLW talents in recent months hit the ring for the first time and attack them and left them laying. Their identities have still not been revealed.

A video plays of Alex Hammerstone being interviewed earlier this week, where he’s asked about the octopus that was delivered to him by this faction last week on MLW Underground. Hammerstone believes the Samoan SWAT Team is the three mysterious attackers and points to Calvin Tankman also dealing with the Samoan SWAT Team when these individuals attacked him. He says it’s going to take more than an octopus to throw him off his game.

They recap Real1 being run over by Mance Warner last week in the parking lot and describe his condition as tenuous with an unknown recovery time. Then, the S.G.C. bailed Mance Warner out of jail, so now he owes them money.

Billie Starkz defeated Kayla Kassidy

Billie Starkz hit the Sugoi Driver on Kayala Kassidy to secure the pinfall victory.

MLW World Women’s Featherweight Champion Taya Valkyrie is interviewed on the stage following the Starkz/Kassidy match and is asked about her husband’s main event match later on in the night. Valkyrie calls him the hottest free agent in professional wrestling, and at the end of the night, they will be husband and wife champions in Major League Wrestling. Valkyrie and Starkz have a confrontation on the stage, and much like two weeks prior, Starkz backs down yet again as Valkyrie laughs her off.

A video package plays for Davey Richards, the main event is up next.

Juicy Finau is shown brawling backstage with EJ Nduka, which will likely lead to a match in the near future.

John Hennigan defeated Davey Richards to become the new MLW National Openweight Champion

Cesar Duran distracted the referee on the ring apron as Taya Valkyrie hit Davey Richards in the back of the head with her title, which led to Hennigan scoring the pinfall and becoming the new champion. Hennigan and Valkyrie make out in the aisle as they celebrate with their championships as MLW Underground goes off the air.


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