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Moose Credits Scott D'Amore For Him Staying With IMPACT, Why IMPACT Has The Best TV Product

On Friday evening Indy Pro Wrestling was granted a one on one interview with IMPACT Wrestling star Moose. The former NFL offensive lineman talked about a series of topics such as wanting IMPACT to get it's stars to fan conventions, Anthem buying AXS TV, transition period from Dixie Carter to Jeff Jarrett & now Anthem, the positivity in Impact & more.

Comments on Scott D'Amore

"Scott D'Amore is like a huge mentor of mine, and I think the only reason why I'm still here in Impact Wrestling is because he works for the company on that side or I don't know if I would be working here"

Comments on IMPACT TV Product

"We have proved that we are the most entertaining company out there on TV. I mean you have WWE, and you have your AEW but I mean our story-lines are so much better than those companies."

The full interview can be heard by checking out our official SoundCloud


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