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Moose Retains TNA World Championship At Rebellion

TNA World Championship: Moose (c) vs. Nic Nemeth

Nemeth sweeps Moose’s legs and repeatedly punches him in the head. Nemeth applies a sleeperhold but Moose powers to his feet and hiptosses him forward. Moose ends up on the floor and Nemeth charges him, but stops as Moose catches up to what’s going on. Moose slams Nemeth on the floor and taunts his family (Ryan Nemeth and their dad). Moose continues to slow down the pace, but makes a mistake when he rushes at Nemeth. Moose gets backdropped onto the ramp, then Nemeth goes for a Famouser. Moose ducks and rolls through, then Nemeth connects with a swinging DDT for two.

Nemeth tries to tune it up for a superkick, but Alisha Edwards grabs his foot. The referee throws the System out of the match, and Moose looks furious. He argues as the fans sing goodbye to the trio. Nemeth leaps up and connects with a superkick for two, then he goes for a sleeperhold and gets Moose to one knee. Moose rolls through but Nemeth keeps the hold applied, so Moose makes it to his feet and slams Nemeth in the corner. Nemeth readjusts his grip, and Moose slams him backfirst into the corner. Moose can’t break free, so he climbs the turnbuckles with Nemeth on his back and slams him back first, finally breaking the hold.

Moose adjusts the ring steps and drags Nemeth over to them. He lifts Nemeth for a powerbomb, but Nemeth pulls himself to the ramp and kicks Moose in the face. Nemeth leaps off of the ramp and drops Moose with a Famouser. Nemeth drops several rapid elbows on Moose’s chest, reaching nine before Moose rolls outside. Nemeth follows and hits a tenth elbow on the floor, then he hits a top rope elbow for another near fall.

Moose blocks kick and sends Nemeth into the corner, then follows with Sky High for two.

Moose pulls Nemeth onto the ramp and goes for a powerbomb, but Nemeth initially blocks it. Moose picks him back up and slams him on the ramp, momentarily knocking out the broadcast feed. Nemeth crawls back to the ring and barely beats the ref’s ten count to get back in the ring. Moose charges the corner and misses an elbow, but fires back off of the ropes. Nemeth counters and kicks him before hitting a Famouser for two. Moose and Nemeth slug it out in the middle of the ring, then Nemeth catches Moose with a superkick.

Moose rebounds with a pump kick, but Nemeth surprises him with another Famouser.

Both men are slow to their feet, but Nemeth charges and gets snapped on the ropes. Nemeth fires back with a superkick and a spear for two, then he tunes up the band and goes for a superkick. Moose falls to his knee, then Nemeth backs off and goes for another superkick. Moose ducks and hits a spear to retain.

Winner – Moose

A “Lights Out” video plays before the lights go out again, and a familiar laugh plays in the arena. ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy is seen standing behind Moose in the ring, and he hits a Twist Of Fate before posing with the title as the show goes off of the air.


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