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Moose Will Defend TNA Championship At Slammiversary

TNA World Heavyweight Champion Moose will have his hands full when he faces "The Innovator of Violence," Tommy Dreamer, for the Championship at Slammiversary.

This announcement came after Moose attacked Dreamer, who was trying to help Moose's opponent, Crazzy Steve, leave the ring safely after his match last week. Dreamer cut a fiery promo on Moose, saying that he was a waste of talent and that he wasn't even good enough to actually win his own championship. Moose later responded to Dreamer's comments by saying that it was all slander and demanded a public apology from Dreamer, or he'd sue Dreamer and Impact Wrestling.

Instead of getting an apology from Dreamer this week, Moose received the news that Dreamer spoke to the higher up's and that their match at Slammiversay was official. Can Moose actually keep his self-proclaimed Championship?


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