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More Details On The PAC/AEW Situation

Pac was scheduled to beat Page at Double Or Nothing, the win, would've lead to the Fyter Fest show on 6/27 in Daytona Beach, in the main event, where he would team with Pentagon Jr. & Fenix against The Young Bucks & Omega. That match would eventually lead to Omega vs. Pac on a major show later this year...rumored to be at "ALL IN 2" from Chicago.

The plan for that match was for Omega to win. But with Pac holding the Open the Dream Gate title, he made it known that as long as he had the title, he couldn’t lose. Ultimately, AEW found out in the last week or so that Dragon Gate had no plans to take the title off Pac, and Pac wouldn’t lose until he was no longer champion.

Pac is no longer on under the per date deal with AEW and will no longer be at Double Or Nothing.


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