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Mustafa Ali Retains X-Division Championship At Rebellion

TNA X Division Championship: Mustafa Ali (c) vs. Jake Something

Jake slams Ali and wipes his boots in jest. Jake dares Ali to chop him, but Ali asks for a handshake. Jake squeezes his hand and they hit the ropes, with Jake hitting some shoulder tackles and a big clothesline. Ali tries to go up top, but Jake kicks him and goes for a slam. Ali shoves him into the turnbuckles and kicks him in the head. Jake clotheslines Ali, but Ali chops Jake in the throat. Jake backdrops Ali to the floor, then Ali uses a cheap shot to play possum before hitting a sick float-through DDT on the floor.

They go back and forth in the ring, with Ali scoring a two count from a tornado DDT. Ali taunts Jake and hits a standing moonsault, but Jake powers up and starts Hulking up. Jake shakes off most off Ali’s offense and fires back by countering a swinging headscissors with a vicious powerbomb. Jake deadlifts Ali off of the mat and hits a backbreaker, only for Ali to kick out at two.

Jake sets up a powerbomb on the top turnbuckle, but Ali drops down and kicks Jake. Ali goes to the apron and hits a German suplex on the apron. Ali’s Secret Service runs down and one distracts the ref while the others drag Jake back in the ring. They hold Jake down and Ali hits a 450º splash… but Jake kicks out!

Jake hits a dive over the top rope to take out the Secret Service, then counters an Ali springboard with a vicious punch to the face. Jake slams Ali down with a swinging side slam, but Ali stays in it by getting his foot on the ropes. Jake goes for a powerbomb, but Ali rakes his eyes. Jake charges the corner, but Ali sidesteps him, then rolls him up and hooks the ropes to retain.

Winner – Mustafa Ali


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