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New Impact Wrestling Video Game?

Concept Art By @Ghetto187 On Twitter

Concept Art By @Ghetto187 On Twitter

Impact Wrestling fans are long over due on a new video game. With yearly releases of WWE games that are lets be honest here a hit or a miss. With the new resurgence of Impact Wrestling fans, and with the new positive direction that the company has been going through, sooner rather than later there should be a new video game release. The last time Impact Wrestling had a home console release was the 2008 TNA IMPACT!

Lets be brutally honest that game sucked. It was made and developed by Midway Games and this isn't the old Midway Games that made those classic Mortal Kombat games, this was the Midway that its last successful game came out in 2002. We live a world were we have made a lot of improvements with video games since. I know I'm not a lone when I say that its about time for a new game. It's the perfect time now that we have a stacked roster and a great buzz going around the product right now.

This concept art was made by me and its just something that I made up real quick to kinda see how a game released now would look.

Let us know who would you like to develop the game? I personally would like to have AKI Corporation, the same developers that made the greatest wrestling game of all time WWF No Mercy! Who would like you like to be included in the game? Any chance of any retro characters? Like AJ Styles, Sting, Bobby Roode, Bully Ray and more.

Make sure to leave your response in the comment section down below!


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