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New ROH Pure Champion Crowned On AEW Dynamite

Pure Rules Match For The ROH Pure Championship: Wheeler Yuta (c) vs. Daniel Garcia

The two men feel each other out with technical holds, and they’re evenly matched. Garcia takes control, but Yuta rallies with a diving elbow drop. They trade chops, and Yuta suplexes Garcia. Garcia slaps him and suplexes the champion. He blasts Yuta with a lariat. Garcia suplexes Yuta multiple times and holds onto the champion’s waist to maintain his grip. Yuta fires back with his own German suplexes. Both men are down after a German suplex off the top rope. Garcia drops Yuta with a superplex, and again both men are down. They trade strikes, and Garcia wins the exchange. He locked in a Sharpshooter, but Yuta reaches the ropes. Yuta punches Garcia with a closed fist and gets a warning. Garcia rolls through and locks in the Dragon Tamer, but Yuta escapes and locks in a crossface. Garcia kicks out of the Seatbelt and locks in the Dragon Tamer again. Yuta taps out, so Garcia wins the bout.

Winner and new ROH Pure Champion: Daniel Garcia

Bryan Danielson comes to the ring, and Yuta shakes hands with Garcia. Danielson wraps the title around Garcia’s waist and raises his hand. Chris Jericho comes to the stage, looking quite upset with what has just transpired.


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