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Nick Aldis Is Ready For A ‘Ten Pounds Of Gold’ Series Return

Nick Aldis and the NWA’s ongoings may be documented soon enough once more.

Wrestling fans both young and old are quite familiar with the Ten Pounds Of Gold series that the promotion had made a trend of releasing weekly on their YouTube channel, but since the pandemic has hit the world, many operations have halted and that very much includes the NWA. However, it happened to be just yesterday that the NWA Worlds Champion asked his social media fanbase who is ready for the show’s return.

“Ten Pounds Of Gold” arguably laid a lot of the groundwork for what fans have been akin to seeing from other promotions as far as docu-series are concerned. Since “Ten Pounds Of Gold” first stirred up in 2017, both WWE and AEW have taken more of an opportunity to pull the curtain back and get information about the developments behind-the-scenes for a particular promotion, not to mention the talent involved. Aldis’ journey, as well as the champions before him and fellow talent on the NWA roster, have all had the opportunity to be involved as it presented itself to be the perfect partner-in-crime to NWA Powerrr.

NWA has been in the recent mainstream conversation as of late with Thunder Rosa’s appearance on AEW television and also have their UWN Prime Time LIVE series starting off next week on FITE TV.


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