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Nick Aldis vs Cody Rhodes | The Final Word | ALL IN

Photo Credit ALL IN

The official NWA YouTube channel posted the final hype piece for the main event of All In, Cody vs. Nick Aldis. Much like the rest of the videos leading up to this, this is a fantastic piece of media where both men truly lay it all on the line. Cody has promised to hurt Nick Aldis and do whatever he has to do to honor his family’s legacy. Aldis has promised to build his legacy at the expense of what Cody may feel is his moment. Capping off the video is a beautiful music video featuring The Smashing Pumpkins song Disarm. It’s all leading up to tonight, All In. Don’t forget Indy Pro Wrestling will have live, on-site coverage of the event via @Ghetto187's Twitter page.

It’s the final statements from Nick Aldis and Cody before the ALL IN NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship Match. After all the build and moments surrounding the Ten Pounds of Gold. it’s finally here. This is a special music video for the ALL IN NWA Championship Match – DISARM | The Smashing Pumpkins Order ALL IN on PPV, FITE TV or Ring of Honor Honor Club.


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