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NJPW Announces Dojo In New Zealand, Tryouts Set For May

NJPW has announced a new Dojo for Auckland, New Zealand, with tryouts for the Dojo happening on May 9 and 10. NJPW previously had tryouts in New Zealand at Bad Luck Fale’s Fale Dojo. This is the first official dojo for NJPW in the country.

The announcement reads:

At a press conference in Tokyo today, New Japan Pro-Wrestling announced the establishment of a new Dojo in Auckland New Zealand. The Dojo sees NJPW establish training facilities in Oceania to join Dojos in Noge Japan and Los Angeles in the USA that in the words of Chairman Naoki Sugabayashi meet the same ‘goal to nurture talent with a resolve and commitment to excellence’.

‘The Dojo will be called New Japan Pro-Wrestling New Zealand Dojo,’ Sugabayashi continued. ‘Currently in New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Bad Luck Fale, Jay White, Robbie Eagles and Toa Henare all represent Oceanic nations. We plan for the the next generation of NJPW stars to be born in this new Dojo.’

As the new Dojo opens, a tryout will take place on May 9 & 10. More details will follow in the near future.

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