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NJPW Cancels Event After Wrestler Develops Fever

NJPW officials decided to cancel its Summer Struggle event on Thursday in Uwajima due to COVID-19 concerns.

One of the wrestlers slated to work the event developed a fever and the decision was to be cautious. Thus, the event was nixed. NJPW issued the following statement:

“Unfortunately, one of the wrestlers scheduled to appear had developed a fever. The wrestler immediately undertook additional COVID-19 testing, but New Japan Pro-Wrestling is still awaiting results. Under NJPW’s Coronavirus guidelines, and acting in the best interests of health and safety for other wrestlers and fans in attendance, the decision was made to cancel tonight’s event.”

The event was slated to feature six multi-man tag team matches. The headliner was IWGP Champion and Intercontinental Champion EVIL, Taiji Ishimori and Dick Togo vs. Naito, Hiromu Takahashi, and BUSHi.

As of this writing, New Japan Pro Wrestling is still scheduled to hold a non-televised show this Sunday in Shizuoka.

The promotion will return with broadcasted events on August 26th to kick off the King of Pro Wrestling tournament.


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