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NJPW Collection Is Out Now!

After an exhaustive development process, the NJPW Collection app is now available on iOS and Android smart devices! NJPW collection is the most convenient jumping off point for all the latest NJPW news and information, with its inbuilt links to, social media and YouTube. But the main event is card collection!

Hundreds of cards featuring stars from NJPW past and present are available for collection and sorting into your own created factions. Gather the best and rarest cards to form your own unstoppable faction, and get special bonuses for using the app at NJPW live events!

You can check out the awesome suite of features available day one right now, but this is just the beginning! More features will be released on a regular basis, including cards depicting and detailing classic moments in NJPW history!

Let Will Ospreay and Togi Makabe talk you through the app in this commercial:

And download the app right now on iOS: or Google Play:

Plus, check out the NJPW Collection site at and follow @NJPW_collection on Twitter for all the latest updates!


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