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NJPW President Harold Meij Comments On Possibly Partnering With All Elite Wrestling

Photo Credit Indy Pro Wrestling

NJPW President Harold Meij spoke with Yahoo! Japan and was asked if NJPW would cultivate a partnership with the newly formed All Elite Wrestling. Meij felt NJPW would first have to see how AEW was going to approach their presentation of pro wrestling.

As translated by @kakutolog, Meij said, "AEW is a new organization to start from now, and I do not know what kind of relationship we would [have]. I think that it is necessary to figure out what policy they would develop on pro-wrestling."

Dating back 2014, NJPW has a partnership with Ring of Honor featuring co-promotional tours like Honor Rising and Global Wars. Their sold-out ROH / NJPW G1 Supercard at Madison Square Garden takes place on April 6. No matches have been announced yet for their big show.

It was previously reported, despite losing Kenny Omega, NJPW would still want to work with him, so with Omega likely signing with AEW, it's possible NJPW could warm up to AEW over time.


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