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NJPW’s 2018 Net Income Doubled Over Last Year, View Financial Results

Photo Credit NJPW

New Japan Pro-Wrestling has had a profitable year, and they’ve now released the results for their latest fiscal period that covers August 2017 through July 2018. The NJPW financial results were reported by wrestling financial analyst Chris Harrington over at the newly

The biggest noticeable statistic is that the net income has more than doubled from last year as it went from $2,608,722 to $5,013,036. That’s an impressive figure, although their total liabilities also doubled from $509,233 to $1,125,332.

This is by far the largest net income for the company since February 2011 through January 2012, where they managed to bring in $7,724,205. Things quickly slowed down after that as they failed to make a profit from that period through July 2012, and then slowly turned things around since then. As you can see, things are finally back to looking up for the company that has had a rocky at times decade.


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