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NJPW's Fin Juice Retain Their IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Championship At Rebellion

Belts are raised and bell rings. Finlay and Anderson start it off. Jocking for position. Arm wrench and tag to Juice for a double axe handle. Juice body slams his partner on top of Anderson. One count. Belly-to-back. Tag to Finlay as they work the arm further. Running elbows by Finlay for a two count. Anderson corners him and tags in Doc. Fin evades and tags in Juice for that same double axe handle to the arm. Double face buster for Doc. Two count.

Doc strikes away at Fin and tags in Karl. Finlay fight both men off, but Doc pump kicks David out flat on the floor. Doc rolls Finlay back in the ring. Body strikes. Later on, a major roundhouse kick from Doc to David. Kick out at two. Sleeper hold to grind down Finlay. Gallows continues his power of dominance against Finlay. Hard sleeper yet again. He tosses David into a neutral corner, but Finlay fights him off to collide into him from the top. Tag to Anderson, but Anderson stops him briefly. He does tag in Juice for some elbows and a jumping senton. Juice dives on top of Gallows. Jabs from Juice to Karl. Inverted atomic drop. Big corner clothesline from Juice before hitting a cannonball. He drags Anderson to the middle for a two count.

Running dropkick Russian leg sweep by Fin Juice for a near fall. Anderson continues to keep getting dominated who saves Anderson from a pinfall. Gallows gets dumped and Fin Juice goes for the Doomsday Device, but Gallows knocks them free and The GBs neck break double team Juice for a false finish.

They go for a Magic Killer on Finlay, but Juice rolls Anderson up for the title retain!

WINNER and STILL IMPACT World Tag Team Champions: Fin Juice


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