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NJPW Wrestlers Upset With New Management

Photo Credit NJPW

The new management team for NJPW headed up by Harold Meij has apparently ruffled a few feathers within the promotion. According to a recent report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, some NJPW talent are even considering leaving the company.

In particular, there appears to be some backlash toward Meij himself.

“The initial reaction was that the feeling was that he talks down to the wrestlers,” Meltzer wrote. He then continued to say many of the wrestlers are concerned he has no history in the business as well.

Moral amongst some has changed enough that they are considering leaving the company.

“There are people who in the past had never even considered WWE who are thinking about it, and others who were completely committed to staying who are probably still leaning that way, but are considering the WWE option.”

NJPW Concerns

The above report does not indicate how many wrestlers in NJPW feel this way or what their standing in the company is. The report does confirm there are NJPW wrestlers contacting media anonymously to voice their concerns, however.

Ticket sales for Fighting Spirit in Long Beach did not go well, which may have led some wrestlers to be concerned. On the other hand, the company just sold out Madison Square Garden for the G1 Supercard next year. There have been concerns voiced in Japan that the product has become Americanized since Meij took over as well. How many fans feel this way, however, is unclear.

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