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Notes & Audio From Media Conference Call For AEW Double Or Nothing:

Was the AEW DoN card has changed much from what was originally planned pre-COVID. Cody says what you will see Saturday is about 90% of what was planned and not much has changed creatively.

Cody mentions it's been important for AEW to have self-awareness since the first Double or Nothing. He says the mindset is to continue to make AEW DoN and AEW destination programming and take what people want and quantify it. Says it's hard with no audience.

High praise for guys like MJF and Jungle Boy from Cody, comparing their hunger to that of "Stunning" Steve Austin and "The Natural" Dustin Rhodes. Thinks AEW DoN will provide plenty of options for a diverse wrestling pallet.

Cody's currently detailing the health precautions AEW is taking during COVID. He says just to go to his office, he needs to take a temperature check.

Cody gives Jericho credit for stepping up during the pandemic, in helping create a better show for wrestling fans. AEW DoN.

Cody provides some clarification for the AEWrestling power rankings: The AEW Champion and TNT Champion won't be ranked.

As far as Brodie Lee is concerned, Cody says he's tremendously proud of him, and thinks he has been an excellent resource for the locker room as a leader. Says he can go in the ring, and is excited to see his main event with Jon Moxley at AEW DoN.

In regards to running at Daily's Place in Jacksonville, Cody says it's part of the sand box that they have to work with in that spot. He loves the aesthetics. They have contingencies for when the world opens up and they're looking at it. But he's thrilled being there.

Right now, Cody Rhodes says the plan is for AEW to stay in Jacksonville because if you move, you put the talent and crew at risk. Says it's easier to manage testing at Daily's Place. He thinks it's plausible the fans could be let in eventually at the venue.

Cody believes the backstage handshake may be something that goes away in the post COVID-era.

As far as COVID testing, Cody says AEW is doing testing under quarantine measures. They're not being done at Daily's Place near other wrestlers or crew. Crew's testing measures are done at a separate place from talent testing. Production wouldn't shut down with a positive test.

Cody says there aren't many positives of working without fans other than testing your abilities. Says there's a need for the fans in pro wrestling. He believes wrestling depends on the crowd.

"MJF is destined for something truly great," Cody says. He thinks MJF's match with Jungle Boy is a "snapshot of the future" of wrestling.

Cody says The Elite, ultimately, is comprised of Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson, and Nick Jackson when asked about Matt Hardy being in the group. Says the rest is the "expanded universe."

Listen to the audio by clicking on the direct link or by listening live on the audio-player:


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