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Number One Contenders X-Division Match Announced For Next Week's Impact Wrestling

Former X-Division Champion, Chris Bey, was in disbelief when Rohit Raju stoled his championship right from under him on the first night of Impact Wrestling's special presentation event: Emergence last month. Now, he wants his rematch, and so do two other X-Division talents - TJP and Trey Miguel. So, Impact Management made the announcement that next week, that these three men will square off in a three-way match, where the winner will receive a shot at Raju's championship later on that night.

This week, Trey and TJP faced off in singles competition. It was anyone's game, but Trey got the upper hand when he landed a Meteora off the top rope. Last week, TJP grabbed a win off of Bey after surprising him with a rollup. All three of these men are great challengers for this said championship.


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