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NWA 75 Night Two Results (08/27/2023)

On August 27, the National Wrestling Alliance will present the second night of the NWA 75 pay-per-view.

In the main event, EC3 will challenge Tyrus for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. Plus, Kamille, Matt Cardona, and other stars will also compete.


Austin Idol Battle Royal for NWA National Title Match: Jordan Clearwater won by last eliminating Zyon. In doing so, he earned a shot at the NWA National Heavyweight Championship later in the show.

Order of Elimination:

Judais (Eliminated by Jax Dane)

Rush Freeman (Brady Pierce)

Brady Pierce (Dak Draper)

Matt Vine (The Fixers)

Koa Laxamana (Magic Inc)

Magic Inc (The Fixers)

Wrecking Ball Legursky (Jax Dane)

Jay Bradley (Jax Dane)

Jax Dane (Blake Troop)

Turbo Floyd (Truth Magnum)

Gaagz the Gymp (Truth Magnum)

Truth Magnum (Sal the Pal)

Mims (Blake Troop)

Robert Anthony (Joe Alonzo)

Joe Alonzo (Zicky Dice)

Dak Draper (Zyon)

Sal the Pal (Zyon)

Zicky Dice and Blake Troop (Zyon and Jordan Clearwater)

Zyon (Jordan Clearwater)

Natalia Markova def. Taylor Rising

NWA United States Tag Team Championship: Daisy Kill & Talos def. The Country Gentlemen (Anthony Andrews & AJ Cazana) (c) to win the titles.

Kratos and Odinson confront Daisy Kill and Talos after the match.

Main Card

NWA World Television Championship: Thom Latimer (c) vs. Chris Adonis

Latimer escaped the Master Lock late in the match. Latimer trapped Adonis in the crossface and made him tap out. With the win, Latimer scored his seventh title defense. In doing so, he earned the right to cash in his championship for a shot at the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship.

NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship: Pretty Empowered (Ella Envy & Kylie Paige) def. M95 (Madi Wrenkowski & Missa Kate) (c) to win the titles.

In the closing moments, Missa Kate took out Ella Envy with a dive to the outside. Kylie Paige scored the win with a Code Red on Madi.

In an interview, Kerry Morton looks forward to his match with Matt Cardona. “Thrillbilly” Silas Mason previews his title match against Jordan Clearwater.

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship: Colby Corino (with Jamie Stanley) def. Jack Cartwheel

Cartwheel got a lot of offense in, and he had a great showing. In the end, Corino scored the win with a DDT.

NWA World Women’s Television Championship: Max the Impaler (with Father James Mitchell) def. Ruthie Jay

Max overpowered Ruthie throughout the match. Ruthie rallied, but Max ultimately scored the win.

La Rebelion (with Vampiro) def. Brothers of Funstruction (Yabo & Ruffo the Clown)

The Brothers of Funstruction used a rubber chicken as a distraction early on. Later in the match, they pop a balloon in Mecha Wolf’s face. Violent J argues with the referee. The Brothers of Funstruction hit a double-team move, but Vampiro distracts the referee. Vampiro attacks Yabo the Clown. Mecha Wolf hits a splash for the win. La Rebelion attacks the clowns after the match. Violent J stares down Vampiro. La Rebelion attacks Violent J.

In an interview, NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Tyrus previews his match with EC3.

Kerry Morton def. Matt Cardona

Cardona controlled the action early on. Morton gained the upper hand and sent Cardona to the outside with a big boot. Cardona rallied and hit the Reboot. Alex Taylor came to ringside. Cardona hit Radio Silence, but Morton got his foot on the rope. Morton hit Cardona below the belt and pinned him with the Showstopper.

NWA National Heavyweight Championship: Thrillbilly Silas Mason (c) def. Jordan Clearwater

Clearwater got some offense in, so the match was competitive, but Mason scored the victory with the Thrillride.

NWA World Tag Team Championship: Blunt Force Trauma (Damage & Carnage) (c) (with Aron Stevens) def. Knox & Murdoch (Mike Knox & Trevor Murdoch)

Blunt Force Trauma attacked Knox and Murdoch from behind. Knox and Murdoch gained the upper hand. Stevens tries to get the champions to leave. Damage is left by himself, but Carnage comes back to the ring. The two teams duked it out. Knox and Murdoch took control. Stevens distracted Knox, and Blunt Force Trauma capitalized by attacking him at ringside. Murdoch tagged in and cleared house with a flurry of offense. Murdoch hit a Bulldog for a two count. Knox and Murdoch hit the high-low. Stevens hit Murdoch with a loaded glove, and Damage pinned him for the win.

NWA World Women’s Championship: Kenzie Paige def. Kamille (c) to win the title.

Paige pushed Kamille to the limit. She locked in a Crossface in a nod to Kamille’s husband, Thom Latimer. Kamille slammed Paige off the top for a two count. Paige got a two count with a cutter. Kenzie counted the Spear and got the win with the Kenzie Cutter. Kenzie celebrated with her family and Pretty Empowered after the match.

Bull Rope Match for NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championshipif Tyrus loses, he must retire: EC3 def. Tyrus (c) to win the title.

The two foes waged war. EC3 sent Tyrus shoulder-first into the ring post and dropped him with a DDT onto the camera platform. He then planted Tyrus with a DDT on the floor. Tyrus threw EC3 at ringside. Tyrus slammed EC3 through a table at ringside. He got EC3 back in the ring and crushed him with a splash. EC3 used the rope to pull Tyrus into the ring post. He hit Tyrus with a trash can and a chair. The challenger smashed Tyrus’ hand, ankle, and shoulder with the chair. The referee got knocked down. Tyrus slammed EC3. EC3 pulled the ropes between Tyrus’ legs. He hit the Headlock Driver for a one count. EC3 hit Tyrus with the cow bell. EC3 locked in The Purpose, and Tyrus tapped out.

EC3 shared some private words with Tyrus after the bell and hugs him. EC3 left. Tyrus cut a post-match promo and praised EC3. He sent an emotional message to the crowd and thanked Billy Corgan. He thanked his family. Tyrus said there would be no rematch, and he thanked NWA. EC3 came back to the ring. He gave Tyrus an NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship to take with him. The NWA locker room comes out to celebrate with Tyrus.


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