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NWA Confirms New Location For Its Next Pay-Per-View

With “When Our Shadows Fall,” the National Wrestling Alliance produced its second pay-per-view of the year and filmed more TV content. During these tapings, the NWA’s staff added a few members.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider reports that the NWA brought in some notable names for its pay-per-view and TV tapings last weekend. He noted that former Ring of Honor World Champion Homicide, Shawn Daivari and Jazz worked as producers for the first time with the company. Jazz, a former NWA Women’s Champion, previously explained that the NWA offered her a role as an agent.

Additionally, Johnson wrote that the NWA’s pay-per-view and TV tapings in August will be held in the Chase Ballroom in St. Louis. Johnson notes that this arena has some history with the NWA, as it hosted the “Wrestling at the Chase” series, a program that ran between 1959 and 1983. Sam Muchnick produced “Wrestling At The Chase”, and Muchnik is a legendary figure in the history of the NWA; during his time as its president, he helped it grow into a major power player in the wrestling business.



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