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NWA Powerrr Results (01/03/2023)

On January 3, NWA aired the first episode of NWA Powerrr of 2023.

The Champions Series continued with four semifinal matches on the show.

EC3, Tyrus, Mecha Wolf, Colby Corino, Aron Stevens and more discuss the Champions Series.

Champions Series Semifinal Match: EC3, Thrillbilly Silas & Carnage (Team Tyrus) def. Colby Corino, Odinson & Joe Alonzo (Team Rebelión); Team Tyrus wins six points due to the submission victory and ties with Team Rebelión.

La Rosa Negra, Taya Valkyrie, Velvet Sky, and Angelina Love and share their thoughts on the Champions Series. In an interview, Taya Valkyrie discusses sending La Rosa Negra to the hospital and says Rosa has lost her spark. She noted that she felt bad, but Valkyrie said she would buy Rosa a “get well soon” card.

Champions Series Semifinal Match: Taya Valkyrie (Team Rock ‘n’ Roll) def. Angelina Love (Team Great); Team Rock ‘n’ Roll wins six points.

In an interview, Aron Stevens highlights Carnage’s win and says Blunt Force Trauma is the most dangerous team in the game today. He then says it’s time for him and May Valentine to “get hitched”. He tells her he wants to get married, and May says Father James Mitchell could officiate the ceremony. She then says she’ll marry Stevens.

Champions Series Semifinal Match: Kayla Kassidy & Samantha Starr (Team Tyrus) def. Ashley D’Amboise & Max The Impaler (Team Rebelión); Team Tyrus wins five points and advances to the finals.

Champions Series Semifinal Match: Natalia Markova & Missa Kate (Team Great) def. Jennacide & Madi Wrenkowski (Team Rock ‘n’ Roll); Team Great wins six points and ties Team Rock ‘n’ Roll, forcing an overtime.

Champions Series Tiebreaker Match: The Mortons (Team Rock ‘n’ Roll) def. Cyon & Sal The Pal (Team Great); Team Rock ‘n’ Roll advances to the finals.


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