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NWA Powerrr Results (02/28/2023) - S12E5

The National Wrestling Alliance presented the newest episode of NWA Powerrr on February 28.

Bully Ray took on Mike Knox in a singles match, as the veteran was determined to get a match with Matt Cardona. The former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion backed out of a confrontation with Ray on the February 21 episode by telling him he had to beat Knox before they faced off.

Plus, KiLynn King and Kenzie Paige faced n a qualifying match in the tournament that will crown the NWA World Women’s Television Championship. The finals will be held at NWA 312. Elsewhere on the show, “Psycho Boy” Fodder faced V.H.S.

The episode is available below.

The results are as follows:

La Rosa Negra discusses being on the winning team for Champions Series, which gave her a title shot; she reveals that she’s choosing to challenge Kamille for the NWA World Women’s Championship. Kamille comes out and hugs La Rosa Negra; she looks back on their history However, she made it clear that, once they face off at NWA 312, they will be enemies.

Fodder (with Angelina Love) def. V.H.S.

In an interview, EC3 (alongside Jordan Clearwater) noted that The Church’s Money can be the infrastructure CYN needs. He turns to Clearwater, who says he doesn’t know what CYN is, but he’s open to the opportunity to be part of it. EC3 says he will build his church on the “rock” that is the NWA.

NWA World Women’s TV Title Tournament Qualifier: Kenzie Paige def. KiLynn King

Aron Stevens and May Valentine visit a couples therapist, who introduces himself as Dr. Michael Busey. He says he has worked with Johnny Depp, Amber Heard, and Chris Brown. Valentine says she was “love-balled” by a narcissist, as she recalls their foiled wedding. The “doctor” starts drinking before he has them do an exercise where the two clients yell at each other. They do some breathing exercises. Stevens and Valentine argue. The doctor starts eating pizza. Valentine says Stevens neglected and humiliated her. The doctor tells them to hug, and Stevens says Valentine smells like another man. The session comes to an end.

In an interview, Chris Adonis says he has been saying he’s the best wrestler in NWA. He says he’s using his Champions Series title shot to challenge Tyrus for the world title at NWA 312. Adonis says it’ll be over if he locks in the Master Lock on Tyrus.

Bully Ray vs. Mike knox

Knox comes right to the ring and attacks Ray. He chokes the veteran with a steel chain before the match starts. Knox hits Ray with a steel chair. Ray gains the upper hand and drops Knox with a Spear. He hits Knox with a chair. Ray sets up a able. Matt Cardona comes to the ring and attacks Ray. Knox and Cardona gang up on Ray. Cardona yells at Knox and orders him to put Ray through a table. Knox makes it seem like he’s going to do it, but he instead slams Cardona through a table. Knox flips Cardona off and walks away.


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