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NWA Powerrr Results (08/23/2022)

The National Wrestling Alliance delivered Celebration 74, a special edition of NWA Powerrr, on August 22.

The “pre-game event” ahead of NWA 74 eas headlined by a non-title match between NWA World Tag Team Champions The Commonwealth Connection and The Spectaculars.

The set is decorated like a party, and the members of the roster are around the arena. Joe Galli notes that it’s the first time the whole roster has been in the arena at the same time.

Chris Adonis defeated Caprice Coleman

Kamille and KiLynn King are the podium. When asked about NWA 74, Kamille says she’s “good” with King, as they’re seemingly on the same page. She says she’ll be defending her title two times because she’s going to retain the gold on the first night. Kamille tells any prospective challenger to bring it. Thom Latimer, standing alongside Kamille, says he came close to the gold at NWA Alwayz Ready. He notes that he had a taste at the gold, and he wants more. He makes it clear that he wants to win some gold so he and Kamille can be a power couple.

Jennacide defeated Kayla Kassidy

The Cardonas are at the podium. VSK says they are the first family of the NWA and they deserve respect. He says it’s time to focus on Bully Ray; he tells Ray that Mike Knox will leave him lying after he slams him through a table. Knox says he hopes Ray is thinking about the people he screwed throughout his career and makes it clear that Ray will get what’s coming to him. Brian Myers says the Most Professional Wrestler is here in the NWA because Cardona asked him to be. Cardona has a message for the NWA Universe and his fellow “NWA Superstars.” He thanks them for the months of well wishes and the flowers. He thanks them for the motivation to recover and says he’s almost ready. Cardona says the world title match would be bigger if he was involved, and he declares that he’s the real world champion. He says he loves everyone, but he loves the Ten Pounds of Gold the most, and he’s going to take it back.

Hawx Aerie defeated Gustavo & Rhett Titus and Dirty Sexy Boys (Dirty Dango and JTG)

Dango tried to kiss Madison Rayne during the match, and she slapped him. PJ Hawx capitalized by attacking him, getting him back into the ring and pinning him.

Kenzie Paige vs. Ella Envy ends in a no contest

Mercurio brings Hayley Shadows and Jaylee to the ring and says they’re going to fight for his love. The match turns into a tag team bout.

Kenzie Paige and Ella Envy defeated Hayley Shadows and Jaylee

The Hex confront Paige and Envy after the match, and the two teams brawl. The Hex gain the upper hand when Envy leaves the ring, and Allysin Kay slams Paige to the mat

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Trevor Murdoch is at the podium. He drinks some champagne and says he’s bringing hell with him when he comes home at NWA 74.

Non-Title: The Commonwealth Connection (Harry Smith and Doug Williams) defeated The Spectaculars (Rush Freeman and Brady Pierce)

The Ill Begotten attack The Spectaculars after the match. The Miserably Faithful join the fight, and the show ends in pandemonium as the three teams brawl.


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