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NWA Powerrr Results (11/15/2022)

A new season of NWA Powerrr began on November 15.

Tuesday’s episode featured a NWA World Television Championship Match, where Jordan Clearwater defended the title against Mims. Plus, Aron Stevens battled Kratos.

The results are as follows:

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Tyrus comes to the ring, alongside Idolmania Sports Management and Church’s Money Enterprises. Austin Idol calls Tyrus the king of the world and praises both Jordan Clearwater and Cyon. Tyrus asks Kyle Davis if he needs sunglasses because there’s a lot of bling in the ring. He says the title looks good on him, and Hard Times 3 was also about Jordan Clearwater’s win. Tyrus calls Cyon the anchor of Idolmania Sports Management. BLK Jeez says their success is just beginning. As for what’s next, Tyrus says he’s just waiting for a challenger to step up. He vows to beat everyone, as any potential challenger is just living in his world.

NWA World Television Championship: Jordan Clearwater (c) vs. Mims ends in a Time-Limit Draw

Odinson def. Ryan Davidson

In an interview, May Valentine asks Aron Stevens whether the NWA knows he’s retired from in-ring competition. He says he’s not qualified to wrestle, as he’s a full-time licensed manager, but he has been put in a match against Kratos tonight. Stevens calls this decision stupid. He says it’s been a long time since he’s been in the ring, but his mind is sharp. Stevens calls this match an injustice that he overcomes, which is what he has done throughout his career.

Backstage, The Country Gentlemen preview their clash with The Fixers on NWA USA and say they’re going to bring the violence.

Kratos def. Aron Stevens by disqualification

Before the match, Stevens is forced to remove his (loaded) black glove. When he does, he takes something out of it, hides the object, and leaves another glove on. He then says that he can’t compete in the match, as he’s a manager. Stevens threatens to sue Kratos if he touches him. He then attacks Kratos from behind and changes his mind, as he agrees to compete. Two masked man attack Kratos, and the referee calls for the bell. Question Mark II tries to make the save, but the masked men overwhelm him. Stevens hits Kratos with his loaded glove and leaves him lying. The mystery men double-team Question Mark II and slam him.


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