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NXT Live Results (07/09/2024)

In-Ring Segment: NXT Champion ” All Ego” Ethan Page

Page proudly holds up the NXT Championship as he walks to the ring flanked by security. Page gloats about winning the title after debuting after six weeks. He’s taken over the entire brand. The crowd chants, “Shut the hell up,” as Page tries to put himself over. Page notes that he knows that everyone in the back hates him. He has security in case anyone tries anything.

Oro Mensah hops the barricade and gets tackled and taken away by Page’s security. Page disingenuously promises that as our NXT Champion, he will ensure none of these outsiders come to NXT and ruin what they have. We are not NXT, Page is NXT. The Whoop That Era is over. The All Ego era has begun. Trick Williams inturupts. Williams wants his rematch tonight. Page jokingly thanks Williams for hitting the Trick Shot Sunday night.

It helped Page fall into becoming NXT Champion. Page denies Williams’ request. Shawn Spears walks to the ring and tells Page he owes him a thank you. Page says he was going to win the match anyway, but thanks. Spears says Williams should go to the back of the line. Je’Von Evans walks down and says he wants a shot. A brawl breaks out. Williams and Evans clear the ring.

Arianna Grace vs. Karmen Petrovic

Grace is in control early. Jacy Jayne and Jazmyn Nix walk to ringside. Petrovic fires up and hits her spin kick for the win.

Winner- Karmen Petrovic

After the match, Fallon Henley attacks Petrovic from behind.

Heritage Cup Championship Match: Tony D’Angelo w/The D’Angelo Family vs. Lexis King

Round One

King mocks D’Angelo. D’Angelo takes King down and lands a few strikes. Eddy Thorpe is DJing in the bird’s nest. D’Angelo works over King’s arm. King and D’Angelo trade strikes. King misses a dropkick. D’Angelo and King struggle as D’Angelo attempts to lock in a Boston crab. King holds on until the round ends.

D’Angelo 0/King 0

Round Two

King gets distracted by Thorpe. D’Angelo hits his finish for a pinfall.

D’Angelo 1/King 0

Round Three

King hits the Coronation for the pinfall.

D’Angelo 1/King 1

Round Four

King dropkicks D’Angelo with a dropkick. D’Angelo spears King. King walks into several belly-to-belly suplex. King lands a diving DDT. D’Angelo kicks out. D’Angelo reverses the Coronation into a sky-high spinebuster for the win.

D’Angelo 2/King 1

Winner and STILL Heritage Cup Champion, Tony D’Angelo!

Gallus vs. Tyson Dupont & Tyriek Igwe

Dupont and Igwe attack Gallus on their way to the ring. The referee rings the bell, and Wolfgang and Coffey take control, working over Igwe. Dupont gets the tag, and land clears the ring. Joe Coffey lands a cheap shot. Mark Coffey and Wolfgang hit their finish for the win.

Winners- Gallus

In-Ring Segment: Wes Lee

Lee puts over North American Champion Oba Femi. With everything going on, Lee admits he doesn’t know where to go from here. Lee says it may be time for him to step away. MSK’s music hits. Zach Wentz and Trey Miguel join Lee in the ring. Lee asks what they are doing here. Wentz says they want to stop Lee from doing something stupid. Wentz and Miguel suggest they reunite The Rascalz. Lee smiles, and everyone hugs.

Thea Hail w/Chase U vs. Izzi Dame

Dame takes control. Tataum paxley appears in the crowd. Dame rolls out of the ring and attacks Paxley. In the confusion, Dame gets sent into the ring post. Hail lands a dive. Hail traps Dame in a kimura. Dame taps out.

Winner- Thea Hail

The OC vs. OTM w/Jaida Parker

Gallows and Anderson are in control early. Nima lands a nasty splash in the corner. Nima and Price work over Anderson. Gallows hits the ring and clears it. During the match. Michin hops the barricade and tries to get her hands on Parker. Referees pull both women apart. OTM hits their finish on Anderson for the win.

Winners - OTM

Sol Ruca vs. Fallon Henley

Ruca tries a handstand. Henley kicks Ruca’s legs out from under her. Henley works over Ruca. Ruca surprises Henley with the Sol Snatcher. Before Ruca can pin Henley, Jayne, and Nyx hit the ring and attack Ruca.

Winner - Sol Ruca

Trick Williams vs. Ethan Page and Shawn Spears

Williams comes to the ring alone. Joe Hendry’s music hit… and he appears! Hendry is here to stand with Williams.

Trick Williams and Joe Hendry vs. Ethan Page and Shawn Spears

Willams is all over Page as soon as the bell rings. Williams tags Hendry. Double shoulder block by Williams and Hendry. Hendry tosses Spears in the air. Spears lands with a thud. Hendry and Williams clear the ring. Williams lands a dive. After the break, Spears and Page are working over Hendry.

Williams gets the tag, but ends up getting double-teamed by Spears and Page. Oro Mensah hops the barricade and attacks Page. Page runs away through the crowd. Williams tags in Hendry. Hendry clears the ring. Spears walks into a Trick Shot from Williams. Williams tosses Spear back in the ring. Hendry lands a chokeslam for the win.

Winners - Trick Williams and Joe Hendry


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