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IMPACT Wrestling Pursuit TV Debut Results

Photo Credit IMPACT Wrestling

We start off with a look back at Homecoming, then we go to the ring as Johnny Impact opens the show.  He talks about how Taya got laid out by Killer Kross at Homecoming, and said he's tired of Kross and his cryptic BS.  Brian Cage comes out to the ring, and he's furious that Johnny is focused on Kross, and not that he had him beat.  He says he's the rightful champion and we all know it, and he wants a rematch right here tonight.  Johnny starts to explain about his wife, but Cage says he doesn't give a damn about his wife, because nobody cares about his family, and he wants his rematch right now. 

Impact is ready to give it to him when Killer Kross comes out of the back with a big smile on his face.  Kross calls Impact the great imposter, and reminds us that Cage had him pinned for a count of 10, which technically means he beat him three times in one night, yet here he is claiming to be a champion.  He's proud of Impact for showing who he is, and Cage is right that he doesn't care about his baby girl, he only cares about his image because he's Johnny Image.  He cares about Taya, but when she comes back, he's going to put her right back into the hospital.  Impact goes for Kross, Cage tries to hold him back, and Impact superkicks him.  Impact goes after Kross, but then Cage lays him out. 

Cage and Kross have a staredown, Kross lays Cage out, but Cage pops right back up and they have another staredown.  Kross decides to take a walk, and Cage picks up the belt and gives it a good look before tossing it back to Impact.

We're back from commercial, and Impact and Cage had another confrontation during the break.  Imapct says he's going to handle Killer Kross tonight, then he'll get his title shot.  Cage says all right, but warns Impact not to screw him.

We go to Josh and Don to talk about stuff, then we head back to the ring...

The Rascalz vs Pentagon Jr & Fenix

Desmond and Pentagon start us off, and basically everyone does flippy dippy stuff for the first little bit.  They all take turns hitting spots and all four men are down as we go to commercial.

We're back, and the Rascalz are in control with a bunch of double team spots on Fenix for 2.  That turns around quick, as the Rascalz get dumped to the floor and the Lucha Bros hit stereo dives to the floor.  Back into the ring where the Lucha Bros hit stereo superkicks to Xavier, followed by a double team wheelbarrow splash for 2.  We go back to the Spot Exchange, and that goes on for a while until the Lucha Bros hit stereo superkicks on Xavier, superkick to Wentz, and...I don't even know how to describe the finish, but the Lucha Bros hit like three moves at once to pick up the win.

Winners: Pentagon Jr & Fenix

Lots of lucha and spots in this one.

Josh welcomes our new X Division Champion, Rich Swann!  The chants inform Swann that he deserves it as Swann says that Homecoming marked one of the biggest moments of his career, because in the Asylum, there was a vision of a division, and it was the X Division.  Guys like Low Ki, Sonjay Dutt, Chris Sabin, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, they changed wrestling and the business, and the entire industry.  At Homecoming, he stepped into the ring with three of the top X Division stars, in the scariest match he'd ever been in, and he came out on top.  The X Division isn't about weight limits, it's about no limits, and he's the No Limit Soldier of the X Division. 

Sami Callihan comes out and shooes Josh out of the ring while threatening to come for his job next.  He yells at the fans to let him talk, then says there's rumors going around online about what's happening between them, so he wants to set the record straight.  He and Swann have a very long history, but one that nobody here has the privilege to learn at this point, but family is everything, so Swann better do what's best for him and accept the offer he's about to put upon him.  He holds out an oVe shirt and it's his present to Swann, so he wants Swann to do what's right and put it on. 

Willie Mack runs in, spears Callihan, and they brawl on the ground.  Swann pulls Callihan off of Mack, Callihan shoves him down, Mack takes Callihan down again, and Swann again backs Mack off.  Referees run in to separate everyone as we go to commercial.

We're back, and looks like we have an impromptu match...

Willie Mack vs Sami Callihan

Fast paced start to the match, but stereo big boots lay both men out.  Callihan goes to the floor and Mack tries a baseball slide, but Callihan pulls the ring apron up to trap Mack, but Mack wipes him out with a clothesline.  Back into the ring, and then right back out where Callihan rams Mack into the steps.  They wind up fighting on the top of the stage, where Callihan goes to the eyes and hits a piledriver on the stage. 

Mack somehow beats the count and starts fighting back, crushing Callihan with running boots in the corner and a Samoan drop followed by a standing moonsault for 2.  Callihan with a hammerlock lariat for 2, but Mack pops him up into a sky high for 2.  Callihan with a running knee for 2.  Mack goes for a stunner, Callihan goes to the eyes, they exchange pinfall combinations, Callihan goes for a piledriver, Mack backdrops, drops down, and cradles the legs, and we have a three count.

Winner: Willie Mack

Scarlett comes out in her robe and says she has a few things to get off her chest.  First, she'll announce the winner of her talent search next week.  Also, we should celebrate the debut of Impact on Pursuit.  She loves Nashville and the fans, and since Pursuit is going to be edgier, she wants to know who wants to see the whole smoke show.  She counts the fans down and gets ready to strip when the Desi Arnaz Hit Squad comes out. 

Gama says she needs to take a seat and listen to him, but she kicks the chair Raju set up over.  Gama says she doesn't need to belittle herself like this, and she can just announce them as the winners of the talent search in private.  Americans have no values, and he begs her not to humiliate herself in front of them.  Scott Steiner comes out and says he came to watch the debut of Impact on Pursuit, a channel known for hunting and fishing in exotic locations, and he has a little limp in his walk because he pulled his groin hunting two-legged deer.  He loves watching freaks getting their freaks on, and Gama ruined that. 

The Babalu Boyz try to jump him, and he lays them out before getting both of them in the Steiner Recliner.  Scarlett says she loves violence, but she came here to put on a show for the people, and if Scott wanted a front row ticket, all he had to do was ask.  Steiner sits in the chair and watches as she strips and dances in her "love me for my mind" outfit.  Steiner tells the fans to holla if they hear him, and we go to commercial.

Tessa Blancahrd vs CALI

I didn't catch the opponent's name, but it says CALI on the front of her tights, so we'll go with that.  Tessa brutalizes her, whipping her back and forth from one corner to another.  Tessa puts the boots to her, teases the hammerlock DDT, but hits Eat DaFeet instead for the win.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard

Tessa sends a message to Gail Kim.

McKenzie is backstage with Eddie Edwards, who said he'd end this with Moose at Homecoming, and that's what he did.  Moose pushed him to that edge, but he's ready to move on.  Eli Drake comes in and sees he named his stick Kenny, and they all have changed over the years, but he looks at Eddie and wants to know, after Abyss and Tommy Dreamer have dropped that flag of hardcore, does he really want to be the guy carrying that flag?

Dark Allie is somewhere in the catacombs cutting a promo when a casket appears beckoning her back into the darkness.

And with that, it's main event time!

No DQ Match: Johnny Impact vs Killer Kross

Impact takes Kross down and unloads right hands, but Kross kicks him off and fights back, picking Impact up and dumping him with a t-bone suplex.  Kross dumps Impact to the floor, follows him out, and is promptly superkicked in the face.  Impact begins ramming Kross' head into the barricade, but Kross unloads with a chairshot over Impact's head. 

Kross puts the chair around Impact's neck and rams him into the post, then grabs the referee and menaces him for some reason.  Kross crotches Imapct on the barricade, then lays his face on the steps and swings a chair...but Impact moves just in time.  Impact gets ahold of the chair and unloads on Kross, then puts the chair over his face, gets more chairs from the fans, buries Kross under them, then springboards off the steps to moonsault onto him.  Impact makes it to his feet, but Kross is right up with him, and together they throw all the chairs into the ring. 

They both head in and start fencing with chairs, then Impact breaks loose and hammers Kross with right hands.  He lays him out again with another chair, then piles more chairs on top of Kross and does a conchairto with them.  Impact takes a chair to the top rope, but Moose runs out of nowhere and shoves Impact off the top and through a table at ringside.  Moose rolls Impact back in, Kross quickly goes to the straitjacket choke, and Impact passes out.

Winner: Killer Kross


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