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PCO Discusses His ROH Contract Expiring Soon

It was last December that PCO made his Ring of Honor debut and since then he's gone on to capture the Tag Team Titles alongside Brody King and is currently a Six-Man Tag Champion with King and Marty Scurll.

PCO reflected on his nearly full year with ROH in an interview with Wrestling Epicenter.

"It's been an awesome journey! It has been almost a year now... Wow, what a year, huh? ROH World Tag Team Champions, ROH World Six-Man Champions, NWA World Tag Team Champions, NWA Crockett Cup, challenging Matt Taven for the Ring of Honor World Championship. Now, I'm a part of the Ring of Honor tournament coming up this weekend in New Orleans - just incredible buzzing. I've got to write it up on my calendar as one of the best years of my life and of my entire career," revealed PCO.

It's believed that PCO signed a one-year deal which means his contract is coming up soon. He admitted as much but said that ROH has big things planned for 2020.

"Yeah, my contract is coming up soon. But, I just think they're going to do everything... You know, they've got great wrestlers here. Sinclair Broadcasting is huge. They've got all kinds of resources and talent in legal and marketing. I think there is a bright, bright future ahead for Ring of Honor," said PCO. "It is going to be very interesting going into 2020. There has been a lot of big moves that have been made lately. I can't really say too much. I can't predict the future that much. But, I can tell you that they are going to be amazing in 2020!

"They're going to surprise a lot of people who think they know what they're talking about. They are going to fight from under. I know what I'm talking about because there was a point that nobody believed in myself or what I could do. There was a point that I had to rebuild. I think I did pretty good. It would be super amazing. It would be a dream come true if ROH could pop off with PCO all together and the amazing talent and team that we've got. I know they're working on some things. It is going to be very, very interesting. Keep Ring of Honor on your radar."

PCO talked more about ROH heading into next year and how they've essentially rebuilt their fanbase following the departures of many to AEW.

"When you have syndications like they do... They have 217. They've got a great legal department. Like other companies have stepped up their game, Ring of Honor will have to adjust. I think it will be very interesting. The thing that is happening with Ring of Honor is a lot of the fans that were the Elite fans are now the AEW fans. But, most of the fans of Ring of Honor are new fans," stated PCO. "I don't know the percentage but when I'm at a show or something or I do a meet and greet, I get a lot of, 'That was a great show! I'm going to keep watching it.' There's a new audience growing, no matter if it is kids or older people.

"I remember doing the signing before the last Las Vegas show with Brody King and there were two or three kids in a row about four or five years old and they were asked, 'Who is your favorite wrestler?' And they said, 'PCO!' To have that kind of thing is a thrill. For them to watch a monster, that's pretty awesome! I feel like I'm touching every generation. The kids like the whole thing...probably the electricity [the most]. The kids really love the whole thing.

"But, the older people, they tell me 'You make me feel good and you make me feel bad at the same time. You make me feel good because you can do amazing things that a 30 year old is doing and you're my age but you make me feel bad because I can't do those things. But, anyway, I'm proud of you, man [laughs]!' The future is going to be great for PCO and for ROH, there are a lot of new fans that are going to add the bank of the ROH solid fans."


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