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PRESS RELEASE: All-Women Professional Wrestling Event to Take Place in Vancouver, BC.

For Immediate Release.

Tickets on sale, NOW!

A groundbreaking all-women's wrestling event is set to take place in Vancouver, BC on Saturday, February 18th, 2023 at the Commercial Drive Legion. Presented by BOOM! Pro Wrestling, the event will feature the top female wrestlers in the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada.

"From day one of BOOM! Pro Wrestling, we wanted to schedule an event showcasing the incredible talent and athleticism of these women, something that has never been done in Vancouver before." says Max Mitchell, BOOM! founder. "This is a chance for fans to see some world class action while supporting these athletes in a raucous and fun environment. If successful, we want to make it an annual experience”.

"This is a great opportunity for fans to see some of the best female wrestlers in the world, and to support the growth of women's wrestling," says wrestler Cat Power (if that is her real name…), who will be competing in the event. "I can't wait to step into the ring and show everyone what we're capable of."

Power is currently embroiled in a feud with the co-owner of BOOM!, local comedian Kyle Fines. (In storyline) Fines wants to increase the price of tickets and drinks and the only thing standing in his way has been Power. Fans can expect hard-hitting action, high production values and for the epic rivalry between Power and Fines to spill into the event in hilarious fashion.


Izzy McQueen (Vancouver)

Cat Power (Vancouver)

Nicole Matthews (Vancouver)

Liiza Hall (Vancouver)

Tara Zep (Vancouver)

Calamity Kate (Vancouver)

Zoe Sager (Edmonton)

Taryn From Accounting (Edmonton)

Kikyo (Washington)

Amira (Oregan)

Rose (Vancouver Island)

Reia Von Slasher (Vancouver Island)

The first annual Coco Harriet Invitational is expected to attract a large crowd of wrestling fans and supporters of women's sports. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased via Eventbrite. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to see the best female wrestlers in action and to experience the energy of the event live at the Commercial Drive Legion in Vancouver, BC.

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