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Preview For NWA Powerrr Champions Series - S11E6

'Tis the season for PAIN! The #ChampionsSeries enters round 2 this week on #NWAPowerrr! 4 teams remain vying to earn the most points, and now each team is even BIGGER as they have drafted their picks from the losing teams heading into the next round…. whichever team wins it all the prize is the golden opportunity that everyone in the NWA wants: every member of the winning team gets to call their title shots at the time of their choosing!

💥Semifinal Competition: Team Tyrus' newest Team member, the drafted badass, Trevor Murdoch vs Team Rebelións “Dane Event” Jax Dane!!!

💥 Semifinal 3-on-3 Tag Team Challenge: Team Rock n’ Roll’s Draft Pick Chris Adonis, the Mile High Muscle of Dak Draper & Big Strong Mims vs Team Great's Tag team specialist Bully Ray, The Drafted Thom Latimer, and the Miserabley Faithful Judais!!!!

💥Semifinal Competition: Team Rebelións newly Drafted Kilynn King vs Team Tyrus' Hexful Technician, Allysin Kay!!!!!

💥Semifinal Competition: Team Great's IllBegotten Alex Taylor vs Team Rock N' Rolls 2nd generation star PJ Hawx!!!

For all this and more tune into #NWAPowerrrr, Tuesdays at 6:05 pm est on FITE or catch the replay Fridays at 6:05 pm est on YouTube! Want this and everything the NWA has to offer? Click on and subscribe to the @FITE NWA All Access Pass now!


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