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Preview For NWA POWERRR - S11E1

Join us for the premiere of a BRAND NEW SEASON of #NWAPowerrr!! It’s the fallout of the event everyone is talking about, #HardTimes3, coming to you from New Orleans AND dropping this TUESDAY on FITE & YouTube at 6:05 pm est!!!!!

💥The new NWA World Television Champion the “Golden Boy” Jordan Clearwater is still celebrating his #HardTImes3 victory, but how long will his reign last? Not long if the #1 Contender Mims has anything to say:

It’s Mims vs Jordan Clearwater for the TV Title!!!!

💥It’s a battle of brawn as WildKat Sports’ own “Grizzled” Ryan Davidson battles the ”Muscle of Valhalla” Odinson!

💥After Aron Stevens tried to sabotage his own Question Mark’s unmasking at #HardTimes3 NWA management has mandated it’s time for him to face the repercussions: for one night only Aron Stevens comes out of retirement to face his former partner and friend in one-on-one competition or have his license revoked! It’s Aron Stevens vs The Most Swagged Kratos!!!!!!!

💥 AND, After leaving the Triple Threat match for the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship at #HardTimes3 as the NEW holder of the #10lbsofGold, what is next for the “Great American Smash” Tyrus? We will find out as the champion addresses the NWA Fandom!

For all this and more tune into #NWAPowerrrr, Tuesdays at 6:05 pm est on FITE or catch the replay Fridays

at 6:05 pm est on YouTube! Want this and everything the NWA has to offer? Click on and subscribe to the @FITE NWA All Access Pass now!


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