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Report: Killer Kross Is WWE Bound

Photo Credit: AAA Lucha Libre

According to sources, an agreement has been signed between Kevin Kesar and WWE. While contract details are usually not disclosed, we can expect to see Killer Kross for years to come in WWE. Creative plans for the six-foot-plus monster from Las Vegas, NV is not yet known, however, rumors are that he could debut onto the main roster and quickly dominate in shocking fashion. Killer Kross made his debut in 2014 and quickly dominated the scene in Future Stars Of Wrestling. Kross would work with Global Force Wrestling in 2015 and in 2017 he worked with Lucha Underground where he would be known as the White Rabbit.

Killer Kross later wrestled for AAA Lucha Libre where he was undefeated for two years, coming onto the scene and destroying everyone who was in his way. Killer Kross has gone under many names such as The Devil Of Monterrey, El Rey De La Maldad, The Herald Of Doomsday, and The Tollman. One of the many talents that Killer Kross possesses is the creativity behind the self-produced videos regarding upcoming matches or where he ends up next. Kross' maniacal facials, in-ring style, and delivery in everything he does make him one of the most dangerous performers in all of professional wrestling.

In 2018, Killer Kross would work with IMPACT Wrestling as he was behind a series of attacks for weeks. Kross would appear as a police officer on an episode of IMPACT Wrestling where he would bring Petey Williams to a secluded area and brutalize him from there. The Character of Killer Kross is inspired by a slew of characters. One, in particular, is "Patrick Bateman" played by Christian Bale in the hit movie "American Psycho". A figure in pro wrestling that caught his attention was the late great Brian Pillman. Killer Kross wears a long trench leather coat as an homage to the late Sean O'Haire.

The man behind the character, Kevin Kesar, is the son of a wrestler and a boxer, while his grandfather was a boxer as well. Kevin was raised in a family of fighters throughout his life. Kevin enjoyed television and professional wrestling but also loved fighting, and found himself wanting to fight professionally, however, professional wrestling kept Kevin's attention and ultimately, the professional wrestler was born. In a mere six years, Killer Kross has done what many have yet to do and is now with the premiere Sports Entertainment company in the world.


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