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Report: Marty Scurll Could Be Appearing At Fyter Fest - Here's Why (and How)

Marty Scurll, a former member of Bullet Club as well as The Elite, has been long rumored to make a jump to All Elite Wrestling, especially with his friends and former Elite stablemates being EVPs in the company. Speculation was at an all time high when the identity of the Dark Order's mysterious Exalted One was being heavily teased, with Scurll being one of the primary candidates. Although the Exalted One turned out to be Brodie Lee, there's another chance drawing near for Scurll to possibly debut for AEW at Fyter Fest 2020.

On The Elite's YouTube series Being The Elite, Marty Scurll made a cameo appearance at the end of episode 205, "Stadium Stampede," which was uploaded after Double or Nothing 2020. The bit starts with Hangman Page and The Young Bucks huddling in a circle and asking each other what's missing in their faction. Matt wishes that someone who could fix their problems would walk through the door right before Marty Scurll suddenly enters their hotel room. Marty then proclaims "I'm back, baby!" only for none of his friends to register his presence. Frustrated by their attitudes, Scurll storms off to close out the episode.

It is unclear if this appearance was simply a one-off cameo or a tease towards something bigger. Hhowever, it is unlikely Scurll would take the risk of traveling to The Elite's hotel room in Florida during a pandemic just for a minor comedic segment. Scurll was previously expected to jump from ROH to AEW when his contract was set to expire back during January. But in a surprising turn of events, Scurll ended up staying with ROH after being offered a lucrative deal that included his becoming the head booker. It is unknown if Scurll's new contract allows for him to wrestle in AEW, however Scurll has since made appearances for NWA and NJPW and he has also expressed interest in starting a relationship between ROH and AEW.

At February's AEW Revolution pay-per-view, current Elite member Hangman Page paid tribute to Marty Scurll when he performed the latter's signature crossface chickenwing maneuver in his match against The Young Bucks, implying The Elite and Scurll were still on good terms. That shout-out, coupled with Scurll's surprise appearance on BTE this May suggests The Villain might be preparing to debut for AEW sometime soon to reunite with The Elite -- or possibly to form his own stable against them.

The most likely date for his debut would probably be Fyter Fest. In a recent interview from AEW CEO Tony Khan, the All Elite founder revealed that Fyter Fest 2020 was initially supposed to be AEW's debut event in the United Kingdom. It was planned to take place in London but changed to an empty arena event in Jacksonville, Florida due to the pandemic -- and thanks to his recent BTE cameo, we know that Scurll is currently available to make appearances in Jacksonville.

Fyter Fest being planned to take place in the UK heavily implied a possible Scurll appearance at the event, especially given AEW's history of scheduling wrestlers to debut in events held in their home city. While the event is, of course, no longer going to be hosted in the UK, it is still likely AEW would be moving forward with its long term booking plans, just like it did when it had to move the location of Brodie Lee's debut. Fyter Fest 2020 is slated to air in July 1 and July 8 as a special two-part episode of Dynamite, meaning a Villainous debut might take place on either one of these two dates.


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