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Report: Marty Scurlls ROH Contract Status!

Marty Scurll is arguably pro wrestlings hottest free agent, however, several sources have reported that Scurll is close to signing a new deal with Ring Of Honor. The deal itself is rumored to be between a six and a seven figure deal and would allow Scurll to work with the National Wrestling Alliance, and New Japan Pro Wrestling. It has also been rumored that Scurll's new deal would allow him to have influence within the creative process in Ring Of Honor.

What's more is that an opportunity to work with All Elite Wrestling is not out of the question for Scurll, so it would appear that the structure of the new agreement would allow for him to possibly work with the promotion. Scurll's recent deal was reported to be done by the end of November 2019, however, Scurll was advertised for ROH Final Battle and has been advertised for shows in 2020 such as this weekend's Saturday Night At Centerstage and ROH Supercard Of Honor during Wrestlemania on April 4th, 2020. Surely, Scurll appearing this far out with ROH would most likely mean that there has been some type of agreement for him to stay with the company and that it is only a matter of time before the ink is put to paper.


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