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Report: Psycho Clown Threatens To Leave AAA!

Photo Credit: AAA Lucha Libre is reporting that AAA Lucha Libre star, Psycho Clown has threatened to leave the promotion amidst differences with the company according to sources close to the star. While no details were provided as to what those differences are, the article indicates that Psycho Clown would be looking towards his legal team to determine what his next steps are between himself and the company. 

Psycho Clown, a twenty-year veteran of the business, began his career under another name, Brazo De Plata Jr. in CMLL and worked for the promotion during his first six years. In February of 2006, Brazo would debut with AAA Lucha Libre but would only be under that moniker for a brief time, but would be off of television for ten months to repackage himself and ultimately become Psycho Clown. The character Psycho Clown would debut with the promotion in December of 2006 as part of the faction Los Psycho Circus, which consisted of Psycho, Killer and Zombie clown. Psycho clown would work with Los Psycho Circus up until a few years ago. 

Psycho Clown has gained major popularity with the fans of AAA and is easily considered one of the top names, if not the top star in all of AAA as he quickly connects with the children with his positive and overwhelming charisma, and through his matches captivates the crowds with his spontaneous reactions throughout the course of his matches. Psycho Clown has held AAA gold for over 1000 days while with the promotion as one title reign were with his partners in Psycho Circus and the other title reign was as the AAA Latin American Champion, a title in which he held for over 300 days.


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