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Rey Fenix Injured During AAW's Main Event Match In Austin, Texas & Update Provided

Photo Credit AAW

Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champion Rey Fenix, 28, was injured during the main event of last night's AAW event in Austin, Texas while executing a backflip into a stunner.  After executing the stunner, Fenix began grabbing and his neck and head.  His match immediately went to the finish with Fenix's brother Pentagon Jr. pinning AR Fox with a package piledriver.  

Fenix was stretchered from the ring and was taken to a hospital via ambulance after the show.  We are told he was moving his extremeties but was in a lot of pain.  More as we confirm it.

The lucha star is extremely in demand right now and is slated to work for AEW, Impact Wrestling, MLW and more this year.  Fenix took time off late last year due to a groin injury and we are told he's been dealing with some lingering injury issues of late.


Rey Fenix did not suffer a stinger, as was originally believed, while performing last night for AAW in Austin, Texas.

Fenix has been diagnosed with a muscle contusion of the neck, has confirmed.  The stinger had been suspected since Fenix told those he felt as if his arms and legs were on fire after executing a backflip into a stunner on Myron Reed during the main event of last night's AAW show.  It ws believed Fenixa didn't tuck his head properly while hitting the move.

After the injury, Pentagon Jr. quickly hit a package piledriver on Reed's partner AR Fox, giving the Lucha Brothers the victory and the AAW Tag Team championship.

Fenix has been released from the hospital but will not be competing on tonight's House of Glory event in NYC.  He has been told he needs several weeks of rest.  There is no word whether Fenix will appear in a non-wrestling role on the show.


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