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Rey Fenix Talks About Working For IMPACT Wrestling

Photo Credit Indy Pro Wrestling

Rey Fenix on wrestling for so many different promotions: It’s a single feeling, knowing that you’re a person wanted in different places and that the rivalries don’t matter or the long competition these companies have had. Knowing that these companies are breaking their ways for me, their they’re interested in curing those things that effect business. It’s something beautiful. Being able to work everywhere and to be able to work with all types of wrestlers in the business. It feels very nice, it’s incredible.

On wrestling LAX:

LAX is a good team. They are one of the best teams out there. I think well I spoke earlier with a fan and he asked me which was my favorite match. I like to get better and better after every match. I like to perfect my moves. Every match I learn something and I try to fix and correct it in the next match and I think the match at Homecoming was something that we as wrestlers wanted. We have a good relationship. We said that when are we having Lucha Bros. vs. LAX in IMPACT and the day came and we took advantage of that. Each of our teams show what we are made of and well positive results result in positive and it was a good result.

On wrestling for IMPACT Wrestling

I like it a lot. The people at IMPACT treat me very well, also my peers. There are so many good wrestlers there. Very good objectives in my career like being tag team champions which we’ve accomplished. There are a lot of things in IMPACT, I think that the best in the world have passed through IMPACT. I am making my story and in my road to becoming the best in the world I have to pass through IMPACT. I have to prove to the world that I am good. In IMPACT, in Lucha Underground, in Lucha Libre. That’s why I have come to the business to prove what I am made of and that the sport is more than my life and that I can do it a million times better.


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