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Rey Mysterio Is Currently Working Without An Active WWE Contract, AEW Shows Interest In Signing Rey

Rey Mysterio is working in an unusual situation. In addition to the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the fan-favorite star is reportedly working without WWE contract. According to Ethan Renner of Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online, Mysterio’s previous WWE deal, which he signed in September 2018, has expired. Despite his lack of a contract, Mysterio has continued to work with WWE, and he has been a featured star on WWE RAW alongside his son, Dominik. Renner states that Dave Meltzer has confirmed Mysterio’s status.

Since Mysterio is working without a contract, he could go anywhere he wants. He is remaining with WWE for now. The Elite obviously sees Mysterio’s value as he was in the main event of All In. They might want him back on a more regular basis.

During Wrestling Observer Radio Dave Meltzer discussed Rey Mysterio’s options at this point. He could go to AEW. That might be a place where he and Dominik will not only be protected, but they could also make the same money.

Indy Pro Wrestling will provide more details as they become available.


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