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Ric Flair’s Last Match Results (07/31/2022)

Here is what happened on the show tonight:

Preshow: Bunkhouse Battle Royal

Several competitors are already in the ring. Sinn Bodhi comes to the ring, followed by James Storm and Bully Ray. The bell rings and everyone starts brawling as commentary announces there is some sort of commotion backstage. Nick Gage comes to the ring as a surprise entrant to a huge pop with a mic in hand. Everyone stops what they’re doing to stare at him.

Gage asks where his gang is at. Joey Janela, Jordan Oliver, Matthew Justice and several other GCW wrestlers invade the ring and go straight after Bully Ray. James Storm delivers an airplane spin to Cal Hill, then tosses him out of the ring to eliminate him. All the men in the ring continue to brawl with one another. Big Damo is tossed over the top rope after trying to hold on to the top rope. Sinn Bodhi and Mande Warner brawl in the corner as Jordan Oliver delivers a Cleopatra on Crimson.

Crimson is thrown onto the apron. He pulls Jordan Oliver out of the ring before the Second Gear Crew throw him out of the ring. Gringo Loco eliminates himself with a moonsault off the top turn buckle to take Big Damo out on the outside. Komander follows suit by doing a dive off the top rope. Wolfie D starts hitting everyone with a hub cap before Joey Janela grabs it and tosses F out of the ring. Sinn Bodhi attacks him from behind with an extra ring rope.

to get the bronze boot and the gold buckle prize. Joey Janela gains the upper hand and eliminates Sinn Bodhi. Bully Ray starts beating up competitors as Effy elimanates Crowbar with a hip shot. Bully Ray then tosses Effy in the ring, followed by Matthew Justice, Jordan Oliver and Manders. He kicks Blake Christian in the face and tosses him out of the ring.

We’re down to the final four: Bully Ray, Mande Warner, James Storm and Joey Janela. Storm and Warner go at it as Janela and Ray brawl. Warner and Ray toss Janela and Storm over the top rope at the same time, but both men hang on and flip back in the ring. Mande Warner tosses Storm out of the ring and Ray tosses Janela out.

We’re now down to the final two: Ray and Warner. Ray delivers a forearm to Mance, then goes through the middle rope to grab a table from under the ring. Ray delivers a powerbomb through the table to Warner, then goes to throw him out of the ring but Warner reverses it and tosses Ray out of the ring to win the whole thing!

Winner: Mance Warner

The main show begins with David Crockett and Tony Schiavone greet audiences at home. They introduce the Spanish announce team. The Motor City Machine Guns come to the ring, followed by the Wolves. Scott D’Amore joins commentary for the match.

The Wolves (Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards) vs. Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin)

Sabin and Richards begin the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. Richards kicks Sabin in the thigh and the two exchange submissions before Sabin gains the upper hand with an arm whip. Richards lures Sabin in with a hand shake before he kicks Sabin with a kick to the midsection. He sends Sabin into a head butt from Edwards, then tags him in.

Edwards beats down Sabin before Shelley makes the blind tag. Shelley wears Edwards down with submissions, then tags in Sabin. Sabin delivers a knee to Edwards’ midsection, then tags Shelley back in. The two double team before Richards makes the blind tag in. Richards tosses Shelley to the outside of the ring before Edwards hops off the apron and delivers an eye poke. He tosses Shelley back in the ring for Richards, then tags in to become the legal man. Edwards delivers an elbow to Shelley, then hits a drop toe hold. He pins Shelley, but Shelley kicks out.

Edwards delivers a suplex, then tags in Richards. Richards kicks Sabin off the apron as Shelley fires back with a forearm. Shelley goes for an insiguri, but Richards counters it into an ankle lock. Sabin tries to break the hold, but Edwards comes in and locks in a Boston Crab. Sabin manages to break up both submissions by kicking Edwards into Shelley and Richards. Richards delivers a Dragon Screw to Shelley, but Shelley fires back with a DDT. The crowd rallies behind Shelley as he makes the hit tag to Sabin.

Sabin hits a crossbody, followed by a kick and a Tornado DDT. Sabin hits a taupe suicida through Shelley’s legs while he holds open the middle rope. The Guns double team on Richards before Sabin goes for a pin. Richards kicks out. Shelley tags in. Edwards gets in the ring and delivers a thrust kick to Shelley. Edwards delivers a Back Pack Stunner to Sabin, then Richards hits the double stomp. He goes for a pin, but Sabin pushes Edwards into Shelley to break it up. Sabin hits a cutter on Edwards as Shelley delivers the Facial. The Guns hit the Skull and Crossbones on Edwards for the win.

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns

After the match, Shelley has trouble getting up and appears to have possibly injured his knee at some point. We then get a video package for Jim Crockett Promotions, thanking fans for their dedication. We then go to ringside and see Mick Foley, Vickie Guerrero, Anthony Carelli and Al Stone at ringside.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. then comes to the ring, followed by Killer Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux. Joe Dombrowski joins commentary for the MLW bout.

Killer Kross (w/ Scarlett Bordeaux) vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr.

The bell rings and the two men stare down one another. They lock up before the two men go back and forth with submissions. Smith goes to work on Kross’ arm, then sends him into the top turn buckle. He goes for a pin, but Kross kicks out. Kross delivers a suplex before Smith hits one of his own. The two men go back and forth with suplexes before they begin exchanging forearms. They then hit one another with chops and uppercuts. Kross manages to get a backslide on Smith, but Smith kicks out. Smith rolls up Kross, but Kross counters it into the Crow’s Jacket. Smith counters it into a roll up and Kross kicks out. Kross then hits the Quickening for the win.

Winner: Killer Kross

We then get a video of wrestlers wishing Ric Flair the best. Back at ringside, Konosuke Takeshita comes to the ring, followed by Alan Angels, Nick Wayne and Jonathan Gresham. Ian Riccabonni joins commentary for this match.

Jonathan Gresham vs. Nick Wayne vs. Alan Angels vs. Konosuke Takeshita in a Four Corners match for a shot at the Progress Wrestling World Championship

The bell rings, with Angels and Gresham starting off the action. They lock up as Wayne tags in and delivers a hurricanrana. Takeshita tags in and delivers a leaping clothesline. Wayne rolls out of the ring as Gresham slides in and delivers a hurricanrana, followed by a drop kick. Angels tags in and Takeshita takes him out with a lariat. He goes for a pin, but Angels kicks out. Angels attempts a clothesline before Takeshita gives him a few free shots. Takeshita delivers a forearm to send Angels to the mat. Takeshita delivers another leaping lariat as Wayne tags in. Wayne hits a commiguri, followed by a Dragon Suplex and a Code Red. He goes for a pin but Angels kicks out.

Takeshtia tags back in and looks for a German suplex. Wayne ducks out of the way, but Takeshita delivers a Blue Thunder Bomb. He goes for a pin but Gresham breaks it up. Angels hits a C-4, followed by a discus lariat. He goes for a pin but Takeshita breaks it up. Gresham hits Takeshita with a cutter, then hits a moonsault on Wayne. Gresham rolls up Angels for the win.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham

We then get a video of Cody Rhodes discussing his father’s rivalry with Ric Flair. Nick Aldis then comes to the ring to join commentary. Rock N’ Roll Express come to the ring, followed by Brian Pillman Jr., Brock Anderson and Arn Anderson.

Ricky and Kerry Morton (w/ Robert Gibson) vs. Brian Pillman Jr. and Brock Anderson (w/ Arn Anderson)

Pillman and Kerry start off the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. Pillman sends Kerry into the corner and the two men exchange submissions. Pillman kicks Kerry in the face, then steps over his back. Pillman slaps Kerry, but Kerry fires back with a kick. He delivers a Monkey Flip to Pillman, followed by a hip toss.

Pillman tags in Anderson and he points to Ricky, wanting him in the ring. Ricky tags in and the two lock up. Ricky delivers right hands to Anderson, followed by a kick to his midsection. Ricky delivers ten right hands to Anderson before Kerry tags back in. Anderson sends Kerry into the ropes before delivering a couple stomps to his wrist and ankle. Anderson tags in Pillman and he delivers a kick to Kerry’s midsection. Pillman delivers a kick to Kerry’s back, but Kerry counters with a roll up. Pillman sends Kerry into Anderson’s knee, then tags Anderson in.

Kerry makes the hot tag. Ricky goes off the ropes, but Pillman gets his knee up, allowing for Anderson to hit the Gore Buster for the win.

Winners: Brock Anderson and Brian Pillman Jr.

Bandido comes to the ring, followed by Black Taurus, Laredo Kid and Rey Fenix. Joe Dombrowski joins commentary again.

Rey Fenix vs. Laredo Kid vs. Black Taurus vs. Bandido

The bell rings and Fenix charges at Kid. The four men start rolling one another up before Taurus delivers a head butt to Kid. He sends Bandido and Fenix over the top rope, before Kid delivers a slingshot drop kick. Taurus rolls out of the ring as Fenix enters and delivers a kick to Kid. He delivers a chop, but Kid fires back with a Tornado DDT. Bandido gets in the ring and Kid delivers a Tiger Driver. Kid looks for a Tornado, but Bandido moves out of the way.

Taurus and Fenix are now in the ring. Fenix slivers a step up kick to him, then kicks Taurus in the back of the head off the top rope. He delivers an arm drag to Kid before hitting Bandido with a cutter. He goes for a pin, but Bandido kicks out. Bandido kicks Fenix in the face, then hits the Tornado off the top rope. He goes for a pin but Fenix kicks out. Bandido delivers a series of fast kicks to Fenix before Kid takes him down and delivers a slap. Bandido gets Kid up over his head with one arm and sends him to the mat. Taurus comes in the ring, but Kid takes him down with a hurricanrana.

The crowd cheers ‘this is awesome’ as Taurus takes out everyone else. Taurus delivers a Lung Blower to Kid, then sends Bandido into the top turn buckle upside down. Taurus delivers a Tornado to the outside through the middle rope. Taurus tosses Fenix back into the ring, but Fenix delivers a kick to Taurus’ head. He delivers a power slam to Bandido as he flies off the top rope, then goes for a pin but Fenix and Kid break it up.

Taurus heads to the top, as Bandido follows. Fenix gets Bandido sitting on his shoulders, but Kid kicks Fenix. Kid and Taurus teeter on the top before Taurus delivers an Avalanche Gorilla Press Slam off the top. All four men are down before Kid hits a Crucifix Bomb on Taurus. Fenix takes Bandido out with a crossbody on the outside before Kid hits a Tornado to Kid and Bandido. Kid tosses Fenix back in the ring before Bandido stops him. Kid and Bandido climb to the top before Bandido delivers a Fallaway Slam to Fenix and a Taurus on the outside.

Taurus delivers a German Release Suplex to Fenix in the ring. He goes for a pin on Bandido, but Fenix breaks it up with a double stomp. Fenix goes for a pin of his own, but Taurus kicks out. Fenix delivers a super kick to Taurus, followed by a modified Fear Factor for the win.

Winner: Rey Fenix

We then get a video of Jim Ross wishing his best to Ric Flair. We get a video package hyping up Josh Alexander and Jacob Fatu ahead of their Impact World Championship match. Jacob Fatu comes to the ring, followed by Josh Alexander. Tom Hannifan joins commentary.

Impact World Championship Match: Josh Alexander (c) vs. Jacob Fatu

The bell rings and Alexander goes straight to work with forearms. He sends Fatu to the matt with a hip toss before Fatu starts beating him down with some slaps. Fatu delivers a back body drop, followed by some right hands to Alexander’s head. Alexander delivers a shotgun drop kick, followed by a couple uppercuts. Alexander delivers a back elbow, then looks for the ankle lock. Fatu prevents this from happening. Fatu delivers a big right hand, followed by a hurricanrana.

The two men both land on the apron before Alexander kicks Fatu in the face. Fatu delivers a clothesline to Alexander to send him into the ring. The two men climb to the top turn buckle before Alexander delivers a superplex. Fatu goes bouncing off the ropes, followed by a springboard moonsault. He goes for a pin but Alexander kicks out. Alexander delivers a back elbow, followed by a boot. He delivers a shoulder to Fatu’s midsection, followed by a German suplex. He goes for a pin but Alexander kicks out.

Alexander looks for the C-4 Spike, but Fatu counters with a super kick. He delivers a split leg moonsault, then goes for a pin but Alexander kicks out. Alexander grabs Fatu’s ankle, but Fatu pushes him off. He flips Fatu with a clothesline, then delivers a power bomb back breaker. He goes for a pin but Fatu kicks out. Alexander gets Fatu up on his shoulders, but Fatu escapes on to the apron. Alexander delivers a crossbody to Fatu’s spine on the outside, then tosses Fatu back in the ring. Fatu flies over the top to take Alexander out on the outside.

Fatu tosses Alexander back into the ring, then hits his signature moonsault. He goes for a pin but Alexander kicks out. Alexander hits three German suplexes, but Fatu delivers the Pop Up Fallaway Drop.

Brian Meyers, Matt Cardona and Mark Sterling run down to the ring to beat down both men and end the match.

Winner: Josh Alexander due to outside interference

Alexander delivers the C-4 to Sterling before DDP a enters the ring and delivers a Diamond Cutter. Alexander and DDP shake hands.

We go backstage to the interviewer at Jeff Jarrett’s locker room. Jerry Jarrett answers the door and Jerry Lawler says he can’t get a word with Jeff, but he can get a word with him. Lawler says it’s the biggest night of Jeff’s life and tells Jeff to humiliate him. He asks why Flair would come to Tennessee for the “final embarrassment of his life” and tells Jarrett to do the Fargo Strut when Flair is laying there on his back.

Back at ringside, the Von Erich’s come to the ring, followed by the Briscoes. Ian Riccaboni joins commentary.

The Von Erichs (Marshall and Ross Von Erich) vs. The Briscoes (Jay and Mark Briscoe)

Ross and Mark begin the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. Ross sends Mark to the mat before Marshall tags in. Marshall delivers a body slam to Mark, followed by an elbow. He goes for a pin but Mark kicks out. Ross tags back in as Jay makes a blind tag and takes down Ross with a shoulder tackle. Jay delivers a bunch of kicks to Ross in the corner, followed by an uppercut.

Mark tags in and delivers a chop to Ross. He sends Ross into the top turn buckle face first as Jay tags back in. Jay flies over the top rope with a Swan Dive to take the Von Erich’s out. Jay tosses Mark a chair and Mark launches off it to the outside with a cannonball senton. Jay delivers some shoulders to Ross’ midsection, before Ross fires back with an insiguri. The Von Erich’s double team on Jay before Marshall enters the ring as the ‘legal’ man. Ross tags in and Jay delivers some forearms to him. He makes the tag to Mark and Mark takes the Von Erich’s down. Mark delivers a running shotgun drop kick followed by an Exploder. Marshall locks in the Claw, then turns it into a pin but Jay breaks it up. Jay hits Ross with a clothesline, then hits a neck breaker. Mark hits an elbow off the top rope for the win.

Winners: The Briscoes

We get a video of Sting thanking Ric Flair. We get a video package hyping up Jordynne Grace, Deonna Purrazzo and Rachael Ellering ahead of their Knockouts Championship match.

Ellering then comes to the ring, followed by Purrazzo and Grace. Tom Hannifan joins commentary.

Impact Knockouts Championship Triple Threat Match: Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Deonna Purrazzo vs. Rachael Ellering

The bell rings and the three women roll one another up. Ellering looks to have injured her ankle after Grace’s body accidentally rolled over top of it.

Ellering slides back into the ring, but she looks to be in bad shape. The two lock up before Grace delivers a shoulder tackle. Ellering rolls up Grave, but she kicks out. Grace hits a drop kick through the ropes to take out Purrazzo, followed by the double knees to the back of Ellering’s neck. Grace hits the Vader Bomb, then goes for a pin but Ellering kicks out. Grace goes off the ropes, but Purrazzo trips her. Purrazzo delivers a crossbody off the top rope, then goes for a pin but Ellering breaks it up. Ellering hits a forearm, followed by a standing STO. She hits a spring board leg drop, then hits a Driver on Grace. She goes for a pin but Grace kicks out.

Purrazzo hits a double DDT on Ellering and Grace, then goes for a pin but Grace kicks out. Purrazzo delivers a kick to Grace, then hits a standing moonsault. She goes for a pin but Ellering kicks out. Ellering hits Grace with a chop but Grace fires back with some palm strikes. Grace hits a spine buster on Ellering before Purrazzo locks in an arm bar on Grace. She transitions to an arm bar on Ellering before Grace locks Purrazzo in a side head lock. Grace slaps Purrazzo, and the two head up to the top turn buckle. Ellering pulls them down for an assisted superplex.

Ellering delivers a Blue Thunder Bomb on Grace, then goes for a pin but Purrazzo breaks it up. Purrazzo looks for the Queen’s Gambit, but Grace counters it into the Grave Driver. She goes for a pin but Ellering breaks it up. Grace locks in the Rear Naked Chokehold on Ellering and she taps out for the win.

Winner: Jordynne Grace

We then get a video package hyping up Ric Flair and his final match. Back at ringside, we are shown the Undertaker, Michelle McCool and Mick Foley at ringside. Jay Lethal comes to the ring, followed by Jeff Jarrett (who is very angry and takes forever to get to the ring), Karen Jarrett, Andrade El Idolo and Ric Flair (who comes out to a massive pop). Flair has the original title belt from Jim Crockett Promotions with him.

Ric Flair and Andrade El Idolo vs. Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett (w/ Karen Jarrett)

The four men start getting in one another’s faces as the ring introductions are being made. Jarrett and Flair begin the action. The bell rings and Flair slaps Jarrett. Jarrett tags in Lethal and the two lock up. Lethal and Flair exchange submissions before Flair slaps Lethal. Lethal calls for a time out and whispers something to Jarrett. Lethal points to Andrade and he tags in. Lethal pushes Andrade, but Andrade fires back with a shoulder tackle. The two men exchange forearms before Lethal hits him with a hip attack. Lethal hits Andrade with a couple back elbows before Jarrett tags back in. Andrade delivers a couple hip tosses to Jarrett as Flair tags back in.

Flair does his signature walk and locks up with Jarrett again. Flair delivers his signature chops to Flair. Jarrett walks out of the match, but Karen convinces him to stay. The referee begins a count out, but Jarrett gets back in the ring. Andrade tags back in and Jarrett sends him into the corner. Lethal tags in and Andrade delivers some shoulders to Lethal’s midsection. Flair tags in and delivers a kick to Lethal’s head. He hits a chop, followed by several forearms and another few chops. Andrade tags back in and hits Lethal with a forearm. Jarrett tags in and chokes Andrade on the middle rope. Lethal tags in and delivers an axe handle off top rope. Lethal delivers several kicks to Andrade’s midsection in the corner, then gloats. Andrade hits Lethal with several forearms, but Lethal fires back with a drop kick. He goes for a pin but Andrade kicks out.

Jarrett tags in and Andrade hits him with a crossbody. Jarrett tags in and Flair enters the ring. He hits Lethal and Jarrett with some chops, then locks in the Figure Four on Lethal. Jarrett breaks it up and he calls for his wife. Karen gives him her high heel and he hits Flair with it. Karen slaps him as Jarrett sends his head into the barricade. Megan Flair comes out from the crowd and grabs Karen’s hair. Karen gets in her face as Lethal continues to beat down Flair. Flair begins bleeding from his head, but starts hitting Lethal with an eye poke.

Jarrett and Flair get back in the ring. Lethal tags back in and they sit Flair on the top turn buckle. Lethal delivers a suplex to Flair and gloats some more. He goes for a pin, but Andrade breaks things up. Jarrett tags back in and he looks for the Figure Four lock. He locks it in, but Andrade breaks it up.

Jarrett tags in Lethal and reigns down right hands. Lethal climbs to the top rope and looks for the King’s Elbow, but Flair rolls out of the way. Jarrett tags in while Flair makes the hot tag to Andrade. Andrade takes out Lethal and Jarrett before slamming Jarrett on top of Lethal. Andrade hits the double knees on Jarrett, then goes for a pin but Jarrett kicks out. Andrade sends Lethal to the outside, then delivers a chop to Flair. Andrade hits Jarrett with a DDT off the top rope, then goes for a pin but Lethal breaks it up.

Lethal looks for a super kick on Andrade, but he hits Jarrett instead. He accidentally takes down the referee as Andrade takes Lethal down. Flair tags in and crawls over to Lethal to make the pin. No referee is in the ring to count the fall. Jarrett gets in the ring, with his guitar in hand. Lethal gets Flair up and Jarrett raises the guitar. At the last minute, Andrade pulls Flair out of the way and Jarrett hits Lethal with the guitar. Conrad Thompson throws Andrade brass knuckles and Andrade gives them to Flair. Flair hits Jarrett with the brass knuckles as Andrade calls for a referee. The referee comes down and Flair locks it in for the win.

Winners: Ric Flair and Andrade El Idolo

After the match, confetti rains down from the ceiling as the crowd gives Flair a standing ovation. Tony Schiavone heads down to the ring as Andrade helps Flair up. Flair begins crying as Foley, Undertaker and Bret Hart all congratulate him. The crowd cheers ‘Thank you Flair’ as Schiavone tells Flair everyone loves him. He says he is honored to stand next to him and Flair says he is thankful. He says that he is so happy his family is here and he’s happy got Kid Rock. He says he adores fans and they make him tick. Flair gets cheers as he leaves the building one last time in his storied career.


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