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Rich Swann On Why Impact Wrestling Is On The Rise

Photo Credit WWE

Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann was the most recent guest on Sean Waltman's X-Pac 12360 podcast. You can watch the full interview in the video above or download the show on iTunes, they sent us these highlights:

Swann on why Impact Wrestling is on the rise:

"The roster is amazing. Wherever I land on Impact, I am happy with because I'm just trying to have great matches and I am happy I am with Impact. The company is growing, it's on national TV. The guys are wrestling everywhere it doesn't matter if it's Ring of Honor or New Japan. Slammiversary had a sprinkle of everything and it culminated and made it like, 'Boom! This is Impact!'. The production value is amazing, how they present stuff, [the] promos and packages are unique. I think that catches people eye. I think another thing that has Impact on an upward is just the wrestling. The wrestling right now is hotter than ever."

The passing of Vader:

"Everybody was sad. I know I thought he was dope, I got to meet him a couple times [and] he was nice to me. Of course, I didn't really know him personally like that you know but as a performer, and as a guy. I met him a couple times it was really nice, it's a loss. I know I watched a couple of Vader matches, Vader moonsault highlights. He is definitely going to be missed."

His wife Su Yung's character on Impact:

"It's chilling because that's somebody that I see every day. But to see her transform and her character and especially how they [Impact] push behind it. The product and how they shoot it. And like how she just makes it her own, you know what I'm saying? It's definitely like Muta-esque but she turned it into her own. For example, one of the dopest clips that they've done for her, when they had all the bridesmaids around the casket that they put Rosemary in and she's got the Impact Knockouts Championship and she's posing like she's about to do the mist but it comes out as fire and burns the coffin. That was insane. The production value of that was nuts, it was awesome. That's just another thing you know what I'm saying to show that Impact is on the rise. She definitely works that character."

All this and more make sure you either click the link above to subscribe to the podcast or watch the YouTube video thats listed above.


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